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The Forms of The Beast. Genestealer Cult #9 - Patriarchs, Abberations and Familiars

While the human-ish faces of the Cult are the Primus, the Magos and the other specialists, there is only one spider at the heart of this web. The originator of the horrifying infection that sparked the growth of the Cult. The Patriarch. Yes, I know there are two of them, patience, I'll get to that...

The Crooked Hand Waaaagh! showcase, part 3 of 3

The Crooked Hand Waaagh! This week: the blue boyz on the left. Image credit: Boris Altemeyer This is the third and final installment of the late great Mr Sarton's orks, and this time, we're zooming in on the dodgy geezers of the army: the Deathskulls. If it's not nailed down, they'll nick it. If it is nailed down, they'll use a crowbar. As with the Bad Moons of part one , or the Blood Axes of part two , you can expect extensive conversions and even more extensive weathering powder. The reason I've left the Deathskulls until last is because, while you're not going to see a masterclass in painting or sculpting, this force is  a masterclass in theming your force. Perhaps more importantly, we're finishing here because the Deathskulls include Bunkah's Wrekkin' Krew, a unit that I think completely sums up Mark's approach to the hobby, and therefore forms a natural conclusion to this whole thing. It's not his best paint job, and it's

The Crooked Hand Waaaagh! showcase, part 2 of 3

The Crooked Hand Waaagh! This week: the niche stuff on the far right. Image credit:  Boris Altemeyer .

The Crooked Hand Waaaagh! showcase, part 1 of 3

What's the total power level? Let us know in the comments to win an imaginary grot. Photo credit: Boris Altemeyer Today's post is something special. It's the first of a three-part blog showcasing Mark's preposterous ork army: the Crooked Hand Waaaagh! In case you haven't read Mark's posthumous post , or our thoughts on his loss, Mark was a member of our gaming group who was taken from us and his young family by cancer at the age of 37. He died in October, so the fact that this post is only just coming out now should say something about the logistical and technical challenges we faced, but hopefully we've done it justice.