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40K narrative campaign sequence

Charlie: In case it's of some use to anyone, today I'm sharing the campaign sequence I used for the Samalut IX campaign. This means it's meant to be used in conjunction with the interactive campaign map I made . These rules are written assuming that the players are using Space Marines. Were I to run something similar for players with other armies, some changes would be needed, and I'll postulate some adaptations at the end. In a nutshell, the campaign was about two Space Marine commanders responding to a distress signal from an Imperial world. Their job was to prop up the Planetary Defence Force for a week, after which multiple regiments of Imperial Guard would arrive to crush the Ork invasion. Playing a campaign sequence 1: Comms phase Allied forces provide intelligence and call for aid. The GM updates the map with new alerts and dispositions, and provides a strategic summary of the previous day's events. Units await deployment from FOBs and st

Goblin Shaman

Charlie:  Despite Dungeons & Dragons being the most famousest of the RPGs, I haven't actually played it that much. Thus, when Tom offered to run an old-school D20 adventure, I duly signed up in the interests of broadening my nerd palette. We decided to play a group of total misfits, and thus there was Hadras the polite yet horrifyingly shooty warforged scout, Krog the existentialist barbarian, and Nozz the goblin shaman, who was neither polite nor an existentialist. Playing as a goblin isn't exactly an obvious choice, but it was deeply enjoyable. I spent the day expressing myself via the medium of cockney viciousness and bodily functions. Let the record state that I did at least make myself useful. Most of the time. The model I used is GW's grot shaman, and he went on a square base because I fully intend to use Nozz Brewsnik in Skazzwuzzle's goblins. I've had my eye on this little chap since he came out. The hanging animal bits, the skully

Ork trukk conversions ahoy

Wotcha! I ’ m Grinbad Oilsmirk and I ’ ll be your trukk salesman for the day. Honest trukks at honest prices! You won ’ t find better in Mektown. You definitely won ’ t find better down the road at Bozdakka ’ s Big Wheelz. Bloody thieves in there. You can tell because all their trukks is blue. The trukks in here? Top notch. They was made with a need. You know what need I mean, don ’ t you? Course you do. Now you seem like an ork with teef. Probably got a mob of lads following you around, am I right? Need to get them into a good scrap without losing half of them on the way? Don ’ t worry mate, I ’ ll sort you out. Take a walk with me through the garage. Smell the passion. And don ’ t tread in what ’ s left of Pizzle, we ran over him this morning. ERGLI? ERGLI! WHY ’ S YOU NOT MOPPED UP PIZZLE? BEEN SNIFFING GLUE SQUIGS HAVE WE? SO HELP ME IF I DON ’ T SHOW YOU THE BACK OF MY HAND. Bloody told him. Sorry about that mate, right this way. The Klassic   First up we have th

Green Stuff Moulds - A solution to missing bits!

It never fails does it. You do something "clever" like gluing your Land Raider together leaving the tracks off to paint separately. Then, the hobby butterfly wanders off, gets wasted on Buckfast in a alley behind an off-licence and starts painting Orks or something. Then, years later it sobers up, looks in it's boxes and goes "ooh, a Land Raider!" only to discover... Yeah, I was missing a section of track. Now I contemplated a range of options for solving this ranging from the impractical (fairy godmother) to the expensive (bits sites will sell you a whole track run for about £8). I certainly didn't want to leave an ugly gap or not use my (how much are Land Raiders these days... good lord) £45 kit. So... solutions: well I could fabricate one from plasticard. But that's a hell of a lot of time and engineering to pull off. My scratch building fabrication skills are "neophyte" at best so probably not that. Then I remembered an old dodge we us