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Devlaholics Anonymous

Things I have done with Devlan Mud Sitting there, looking at a pile of 56 unpainted Skaven slaves; I'm thinking “I'm going to cherish and value each and every one of you and give you a paintjob fit for a prince of Slaneesh”. 2 rats in, the base coats are going on with a drybrush and I'm thinking “I want to get shot of you as quickly as possible and you’re going to get a paintjob fit for the dirty, useless, and expendable, 2 point shod that you are.” The redemption for these very poorly painted models was that they’d get a lovely coating of Citadel Devlan mud wash once the base colours were on and dry. Devlan Mud was splendid! It hid where I’d gone over the lines, did some shading, added definition to the model and even filled in the crevices - a la the old technique of black lining. It made everything look dirty and shonky and gave the illusion that I was a competent painter. It was my staple diet for rat painting and I thrived upon it.

You're Gonna Land On That?!

Good day fellow hobbyists. Many moons ago during one of Charlie's scenery parties. Yes, that a party where we all get stuck into building and painting scenery, it's a really great way of getting a lot done in a short time and takes a lot of the tedium out of the process. Anyway, I had the honour(?) of painting a Skyshield landing pad. Whilst its a really good bit of kit, it's rather huge and I decided in my foolish youthfulness to paint the whole thing in the patented Jeff-Rust method ( PVP Workbench tutorial: rusting ). Well, doing that over the 500 square inches (I counted them!) of the surface it was definitely a labour of love. Now, Em and I are building our very own urban board and I really wanted to have a Skyshield of my own. They make great objectives and general scenery piece. Since times and paints have changed, here is an updated step by step of getting the same/similar effects in new money. Mobile users, this is going to be picture heavy. First thing, R

A letter from the front

It’s been a long, long time since the last update on our Hochland campaign. One of the reasons it’s been so long is that so much stuff has happened that it was hard to think of a format in which to deliver said events. Or at least, a format that wasn’t just a series of bullet points slightly drier than an octogenarian’s happy parts. Finally it came to me: what better way than to write a letter from the perspective of the Empire’s new commander writing his first report back to Tussenhof? Rikarht von Hess But first, here’s an update of the campaign map: I’ll sprinkle a few portraits of the characters mentioned in the letter as a reminder of who’s who. For the attention of Aldebrand Ludenhof, Elector of Hochland My lord, Now I see why you delegated so much responsibility to Von RĂ¼diger. Our armies are engaged on so many fronts that it would be impossible to conduct the business of ruling the province at the same time. Admittedly, Von RĂ¼diger had