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Deathwatch Librarian

Having recently written the Astartes Librarian rules for our in-house (or in-bunker) Deathwatch ruleset, I was so taken with space wizards and Dewey decimals that I picked up a brush and painted the last of the unpainted dudes in the Deathwatch cabinet shelf. With the exception of the halberd this is the Jensus Natorian model as it comes (I've never been a fan of the swirly designs on librarians' force weapons, so swapped it out). If the weapon and ethnicity swap wasn't a giveaway, he won't be Jensus Natorian in our own games of Deathwatch . Jon heard about how librarians work in our rules and was immediately down for playing him in November for our third mission ( read about the last one here if you want a random spurt of space marines wrecking face ). Jon named him Tymon (pronounced Tay-mon) Ausonius. That's all there is of his character so far; Tymon Ausonius, Blood Ravens Codicier. The painting process was fun. Dark skin helped offset his

Deathwatch Terminator kitbash

To make up for having three of my Deathwatch dudes just having some flavour of basic bolter, here's a terminator with ALL THE GUNS. This way I'm not getting gypped by power levels. The rationale behind this one man Swiss Army is that he's a walking support unit who can get into spaces the team's gunship can't. The model Conversion work was extremely minimal; I took the arm from the Salamanders terminator in Deathwatch: Overkill  and added it to a normal terminator, then added a cyclone missile launcher because... well honestly the prospect of some long range anti-tank was what motivated the inclusion of a terminator in the first place. The storm bolter, meltagun and power fist are all just happy gun confetti. The only other piece of conversion was the addition of a wire leading from the missile rack into the carapace, because... wires. It wasn't immediately obvious to me how having a meltagun attached to one's power fist would enable the continu

Army showcase: Ostland State Militia

We here at the Beard Bunker have a habit of getting a little carried away sometimes. None more so than myself. During one of our role play sessions we ended up creating a town militia in order to fight off some gribbles and to protect the good people of Ferlangen. I got it in to my head to then go on a create an Empire army based on that session. So I hear by present the Ostland State Militia. The force was mostly made up of bunch of models from my first abortive attempts to get into the Empire plus a couple of extra characters I picked based roughly on our role play characters. The exception is the captain, who was an existing model I picked up because I liked the feathers. Captain Wilhelm Holtz. A man of much beard and even more feathers. He is straight forward honest type. A little too fond of Dwaven ale but he's pretty handy with a hammer. The rest of the characters in the army are analogues of our role play characters. Our band consisted of a warrior priest, a f

Interactive sector map: the Achernar Sector

Being a suggestible person, particularly where Photoshop projects are concerned, I was recently goaded into making a map of the Beard Bunker's own fictional playpen, the Achernar Sector. Today's post is about why and how I made it. If nothing else, it's a visual summing up of the crazy amounts of detail we've put into our little corner of the 41st Millennium. Click this link for the interactive version You what mate? Interactive? Indeed. Once my Photoshop fugue dissipated, I sent the map to Tom (who suggested it in the first place because he needs to visualise something to think clearly about it... like me, but moreso). He dove into the noosphere with wild abandon and stuffed his mechandendrites in all the fun places. When he emerged, he had assigned links to coordinates on the map, such that if you click any of the names in the image, they'll take you to the relevant page on the campaign wiki, and because at this point Tom was entirely out of