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Deathwatch Terminator kitbash

To make up for having three of my Deathwatch dudes just having some flavour of basic bolter, here's a terminator with ALL THE GUNS. This way I'm not getting gypped by power levels.

The rationale behind this one man Swiss Army is that he's a walking support unit who can get into spaces the team's gunship can't.

The model
Conversion work was extremely minimal; I took the arm from the Salamanders terminator in Deathwatch: Overkill and added it to a normal terminator, then added a cyclone missile launcher because... well honestly the prospect of some long range anti-tank was what motivated the inclusion of a terminator in the first place. The storm bolter, meltagun and power fist are all just happy gun confetti.

The only other piece of conversion was the addition of a wire leading from the missile rack into the carapace, because... wires.

It wasn't immediately obvious to me how having a meltagun attached to one's power fist would enable the continued use of that power fist. Surely it gets in the way? Then I imagined him shooting the gun as he punched, and started to giggle in a deranged fashion. Take this excerpt from Captain Furiaspankus' Treatise on Xenophobia:

First open the xenos' armour with the purifying heat of the meltagun. See the fist-sized hole in your enemy's armour; that is your pilot hole. Where better to place the disruptive field of your power fist than through that hole? The foe may already be dead, but an exploding foe is joyously potent against enemy morale. Be warned, however: your honoured wargear will thereafter need the tender ministrations of a water hose.

The character
Aulus Cassian is a veteran of the White Consuls, who have apparently become a fleet-based chapter as of 40K's 8th edition following the destruction of their homeworld. I couldn't find much lore about this chapter, but I think I read somewhere that they're one of the few chapters who worship the Emperor as a god. This probably leaves the rest of the kill team making snide comments behind Cassian's back.

This division is exacerbated by the fact that Cassian's heavy rig isn't needed for every mission, so he spends plenty of time apart from his brothers. He claims this suits him well, as it means more time spent in prayer. Being inclined toward superstition, he also enjoys having extra time to revere his wargear - something I tried to allude to with the addition of some bonus purity seals on his pauldron as he tries to placate the suit's machine spirit after having been painted black.

Finally, here's a shot of the current patrol detachment. I'm currently working on a Blood Ravens librarian, then finally all the unpainted stuff on that cabinet shelf will be finished. Yussss.


  1. Goo to see he's finished. One more step closer to a nice rounded squad


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