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Oops New Army: Imperial Soup Edition Part 2

If you haven't already read Oops New Army: Imperial Soup Edition Part 1, I recommend you go read it first as it sets the scene for what I’m about to talk about today, the Imperial Guard portion of my accidental Imperial Soup army.  Dubbed “Battlegroup 86”, the army consists of elements from the Imperial Knights of house Ulfir, the Cadian 177th Mechanised Infantry and the Cadian 53rd Armoured.  Last time I focussed on the Knights, this time I’m diving into the Guard, but with an overall conclusion for the whole army. Why Imperial Knights are a skew army.  All Vehicles All The Time.  Certain armies, such as Orks, will particularly struggle with that kind of army, to a degree that playing it is simply not fun.  The same would be true of playing an Imperial Guard armoured company.  With that in mind, when I started building Knights I knew I would be able to bring them along to contribute to a multiplayer Apocalypse game, but I wanted to be able to have a mixed army of my own to use in

Some extremely nuanced thoughts on Terminators

A good blog post should have some advice or information relevant to the reader. It should serve a purpose , I think, or it's just onanism. This post does not meet that requirement. It's just a rant about how much I f---ing love the terminator sculpts from the Leviathan box. I'm not going to say anything that's not already been said. My paint job will not be the best on the internet, nor will it be so humorously bad that it's worthy of your attention. The one sop to the concept of content is the bit where I have a think about how to approach the existence of terminator armour for Indomitus Founding Chapters, an absolutely niche lore point that no one asked for, but which I'm writing anyway. There's the cards on the table. Now here's some big blue chunkers. Look at them. Just look .  These sculpts convey weight and heft while also having very natural looking movement. Sure there's a few moulding artefacts to make them easy fit, but those become largely

Oops New Army: Imperial Soup Edition Part 1

 It should go without saying to readers of Oops New Army: Necron Edition and Oops New Army: Tyranid Edition that I have A Problem.  I think the issue might be that I have lots of plans that I promise myself I’ll do “one day”.  But once you decide you will do something in the future , it becomes very easy to say yes to little things now .  Once you’ve started you might as well carry on.  My Imperial Knights/Guard army is a testament to this.   This “Oops New Army” is an even bigger Oops than normal, since it is in fact two armies, Imperial Knights and Imperial Guard.  This article I’ll be mainly focussing on the Knights, and next time I’ll talk some more about the Guard. Why Giant Robots Are Cool.  I suspect most Giant Robot lovers started out with some variant of Gundam, but for me my mechaphilia all starts with watching Full Metal Panic! (the explanation mark is apparently a required part of the title).  Alongside a lot of anime staples like teenage high-school protagonists and unr

Painting a 40K Thunderhawk in a day

Yep, that's kind of what I did. When Mark passed, we discovered that he had a hobby backlog that could be best described as monumental.  Most of it has found loving homes and one piece of that backlog that I couldn't resist was the crashed Thunderhawk tile.  This was something Forgeworld produced many moons ago at a time when I could neither afford or have a place to store it. Of course, by the time both of those conditions had changed, Forgeworld didn't make the tile anymore and I consigned that dream to the lands of impossibility so when one turned up amongst Mark's old things I immediately asked if I could take it. As a tile, unless you have a whole other set of tiles with which to use it it isn't the most versatile piece of terrain, but I'd always wondered if it could be converted into something like the old crashed aquila lander that GW once did. So, with tile in hand, I started out attacking it with a dremel.  Mistake.  I burned through two cutting disks j