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Back in Blue

 A six month ork-painting bender left me in the mood for something altogether more crisp and defined. My skills seem to have atrophied somewhat during that time, and I found myself making all sorts of mistakes I wasn't previously making, but ultimately I have emerged with my first new space marine since February: Cobalt Scions Chapter Master Tiberius Drusus. Today's post will cover the modest conversion and magnetisation work, some notes on the painting, and (of course) the lore: who is Drusus, and why is he full of doubt? Conversion work The word 'conversion' might be a bit of a stretch, but: some green stuff work was needed to fill in the socket on his exhaust vent left by forgoing the servo-skull. It's cool and all, but I felt it made the model's silhouette too messy. Helmets are sensible things for sensible people, but for characters in particular I do love being able to see a face. The face that comes with the kit is compellingly brutish, but not right for