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The Year of the Cog: Part Two - Tech-Priests

Today we are going to a look at the Tech-Priests leading the forces of Forgeworld Arakos IX First we have the Tech-Priest Dominus, Neseb 71-8:The Emotionless Analyser of the Sacred Database. Neseb is the nominal leader of the forces in the field. He is a lead from near the front type of leader. He is often found field testing new prototypes personally.

Painting progress! No, not that kind of painting.

If I haven't posted any miniatures for a while it's usually because I've entered a Photoshop fugue. For the uninitiated, that's when I get wildly overexcited about digital painting and lose all concept of time, space, priorities, and non-essential bodily functions. It all started when Harvey and I were contemplating ways to create illustrations of the various planets in our growing 40K crusade setting. It feels cheap to just lift pictures of planets from other people, particularly when we'd have to provide immersion-breaking credit everywhere. We needed a way to quickly produce our own.  The answer came in the form of SpaceEngine, the ridiculous brainchild of Russian astronomer-programmer Vladimir Romanyuk. It uses a combination of real-world stellar objects and physics, combined with deterministic procedural generation, to create a simulation of the observable universe. Billions of stars, nebulae and planets to see and even land on. The infinity of the cosmos, repr

The Year of the Cog: Part One - Troops

Hopefully by now you have all read the Bunker’s plans for 2022 by now. If you haven’t, off you pop , have a read, then come back.   At some point late last year someone suggested that we as a group do the whole ‘New Year, New Army’ thing with a focus on creating crusade forces that we can play with and build up over the year. As with anything we do it was met with various degrees of enthusiasm. Ranging from Jeff and I doing serious damage to our wallets through to a few people saying that they are just going to finish up what they have already got ongoing. All reactions are perfectly valid and welcome. We are all just happy to be hobbying as a group, no matter what we are doing. In my excitement I went and ordered several boxes of Adeptus Mechanicus stuff. The Christmas battle force and the combat patrol to be specific. Along with the codex I also grabbed the Techpriest Dominus from my local store so I could get on with something whilst the iron was hot. Turns out those two sets gave m

In The Year 2022... all is covered in paint

Welcome to our (sort of) annual end of year wrap up. We'll take a look back at the previous year and then lay out our hobby plans for 2022. This time we'll be doing things a little differently as we have opened our digital doors to our ever growing hobby group. We've ask them for their view on 2021 and what schemes are being hatched, plots being thickened, and what unfoilable plans are being planned. So starting with 2021... Everyone:  Noooooope.  Now moving on to 2022, in the order that I received the responses:  Rob  "For 2022 I'm focusing on re-painting and completing older armies from my hobby history. I made a start on this last year with my Bretonnians and found it immensely satisfying to complete half-finished-then-forgotten units, to work in some of the techniques I've learned more recently, and to (try to) improve paint jobs where possible. Targets for the year are: some Imperial Guard, Man O War fleets, a few units of Dwarfs, some Blood Bowl, and some