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Ogre Kingdoms: Rebasing Project Step by Step

  Welcome, today we are going to be rebasing my entire Ogre army. The current basing is inconsistent across units. This is completely my own fault. The original basing I did in the dark days before I put any effort into basing whatsoever. Some of the units still had this original scheme, others had various different schemes but I couldn't settle on a single one. I settled in and did some research into an effective but low effort basing for them. Before I could get into the new scheme I had to remove the previous basing. Fortunately PVA can be reactivated by soaking it in water. Acrylic paints are unaffected by water which is great as I marinated my Ogres in a baking tray for roughly 60 minutes.   Once properly soaked you can see the PVA turn white again. This means it is ready to be removed.   Removal was nice and easy. First step is to simply scrape away the old static grass and tufts and what-have-yous. I used an old, blunt hobby blade and carefully just scraped it away trying

Judging a Codex By Its Cover(age)

The impending release of Codex: Orks for 9th edition 40K is stirring the long-dormant bit of me that enjoys painting ramshackle vehicles, but it's not a foregone conclusion. If the new Codex is overpowered it'll dent my enthusiasm. As GW's Community team tease details from the new book, I find myself growing concerned. In today's short post, then, I'm going to talk about whether or not that concern is sensible, and what to do if we get a bad case of Codex power creep. The first thing that really got my attention was the announcement that basic orks would henceforth be Toughness 5. Any seasoned player of 40K probably understands what a big difference that is. Suddenly, a Space Marine with a boltgun will have just as much a chance of causing a wound as a veteran Guardsman with a lasgun. From an immersion perspective, that feels off, and like it risks making basic workhorse units weirdly ineffective against massed infantry. On the one hand, I tell myself not to worry.

Modular Urban Board Project Log 3: painting the Sanctum Administratus

The the last log entry I was umming and erring about the colour scheme for the Sanctum Administratus. In this week's log, which should probably be titled "things I managed to do in between long stretches of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition ," I've painted a second intact building segment. In and of itself that isn't exactly newsworthy, so I'll go the extra mile and provide the step-by-step paint recipes. Am I 100% sold on this scheme? No. It simultaneously needs more and less detail, and by the measure of my usual terrain painting, it's not that quick either. So why am I giving you a recipe for it? Well, largely, in case there are individual elements of it that you like, and want to steal. Rattle Cans I spray primed with Mechanicus Standard Grey, then did a patchy semi-zenithal spray of Zandri Dust. This is going to get mostly hidden by the basecoat stage, but serves to provide some subliminal tonal variation that doesn't show up much in the photos and h