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A Conspiracy of Ravens

Well met my vengeful brothers and sisters, we gather again to swell the ranks of the Word Bearers once more. This time with another example of our Master's plans coming to fruition in the form of a worshipful cult. Kind of a weird one this time, presenting the Corvid Cabal:

Dark Apostles and Traitorous Guardsmen

Welcome back fellow followers of the Eightfold Path! It's another lovely day in the Word Bearers, every meal a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! I love... hmm. Might have cross-mojinated myself a bit there. Back on track Jeff, today we introduce another new character (might he be our mysterious narrator? Spoiler: No) and a unit of troops he inspired to come to our side. So settle in with a nice cup of tea and meet Halam Caeroth the Many Blessed. Dark Apostle of the Graven Star chapter of Word Bearers.

Cobalt Scions: blue power armour step by step

The second squad of Cobalt Scions Intercessors are complete, which also means I have finally finished the Imperial Fists battleforce box. I started painting this kit in September 2019, which means it's taken me A MERE TEN MONTHS to paint... 20 miniatures. That makes it sound like more work than it actually was. Don't get me wrong, it has been a time consuming level of detail; each basic marine takes about 6 hours. In total it's probably about 140 hours of work including build time and a little conversion time. That means if I'd been doing an hour of hobby a day, this would have been done in 4 months. "Fascinating" calendar maths aside, I'm really, really happy right now. I set myself the challenge of doing the whole force to what for me is a high standard, and I actually kept at it! Those who know me will understand this is an unusual degree of discipline and focus.

Operation House Party

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey gubbins effect  - like a cheap soap opera or sitcom  We're heading back 12 years to the summer of 2008, I'm still living in Oulu, Finland, and I'm bored.  Wandering the streets I find two things: Iron Man has just been released in cinemas so I'll be going to watch that. The local news agents has a magazine I remember from when I was a kid - White Dwarf, and amazingly 40K is up to its 5th Edition (I last hobbied in '96 when we were still playing 2nd). Little did my wallet know how expensive one of these discoveries was going to be.... Fade cut back to the present... You see in the intervening years amongst all the changes there had been the introduction of at least one new race, the Tau.  Having just gone to see Iron Man, the obvious connections occurred in my head and an Iron Man themed Tau force was the offspring.  It only took me 12 years to realise... 

Fleshmetal Firepower

Greetings fellow heretics and devoties of the Dark Gods! Yup! We're back with the Graven Star chapter of Word Bearers and some decidedly lumpy boys... "Son, you've got a condition..."