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Ladies and Gentlemen, start your (daemon) engines!

Maisey: I know I have said this before, and I know I’ll be saying it again at some point in the future, but as of right now the Thousand Sons are done. Yes done. Completely. 100% totally farm fresh done. 5pm Friday afternoon type done. Take the turkey out of the oven because it’s done done. I’ve reached a very healthy 1750 pts worth of stuff. I was actually aiming at 1500 pts but I had a slight misunderstanding around the way 8th edition calculates points. So now being clear that nothing comes for free anymore I’ve arrived at 1750 pts. Which to me is a very solid core of a collection. It's always hard getting everything into a single photo, but you get the idea. The latest and last things added to the army, beyond what we’ve seen here before, is a huge pile of worthless cannon fodder glorious Cultists, 30 of them to be exact, more Tzaangor, a pair of Helbrutes, and a rather large Forgefiend. I do have some reasonings behind these choices. Introducing Nuterhek...

Freehand letter painting tips

Being a renowned glutton for punishment, I recently put myself in the position of having to freehand twelve names onto some Battlefleet Gothic ships. Why did I have so many at once? Because we're in the run-up to the finale of the Scyrian Expanse campaign , and the Imperial Navy's flotilla needed serious reinforcements. Such blank. Many base. The first hurdle, of course, was to come up with names for all twelve ships. Even the escorts. They might be puny so far as the game is concerned, but naming them makes it mildly harder for the players to get callous about casualties, and improves immersion. Bemoaning said lack of names to Curis , he suggested a few, including: Hepatitus Alpha Alphaherpes Aedidas Traksuet Aeileen Comon Feel free to use those gems for your own ships/tanks/three door hatchbacks. Personally I resisted the temptation, and chose... others . Having picked my names (most of them mercifully short) I got stuck in. Freehand

A Series of Unfortunate Dice Rolls

Charlie:  When someone tells me that they're unlucky, I assume it's confirmation bias. Some people seem oblivious to all the times they've been fortunate and bemoan all the times they aren't, failing to notice that things average out over a long enough time span. Le sob. That having been said, a universe of infinite possibility means that some people will be luckier than others, and some people... some people will be Maisey. I've been gaming with Maisey for just over a decade now, and when things go wrong for him, it tends toward the ridiculous. So now, because it amuses me, here are my favourite top three Maisey dice fails. If you've had similar tales of woe, please brighten Maisey's day and share them in the comments. Third place: the noble veterans Losing a squad of terminators is painful. Losing all five in a single shooting phase is even worse, but at least the enemy usually has to use up their snazziest guns to get the job done