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Binning the Apothecary Biologis' rules for narrative gaming

Today's post is about just straight up ignoring official rules, in the right context. In this case, the rules were ignored during a GM'd 40K campaign, so no actual players were harmed by my tinkering. More on what I changed later, first: some context as to why I so enthusiastically painted up Bulbus McThew (PhD) in time for said campaign.* Some months ago, Tom came up with the idea that noted wraith-fancier Drew and my own infrastructure fetishists the Cobalt Scions should fight a four-day war against some Tyranids. GM'd 40K is something we've done before, and is, for me, the absolute Bentley of 40K playing. Louchely flicks engine grille with the seductive power of a walrus in a party hat.  Given that I already had over 3,000 points of marines ready to go, I strongly didn't need to paint anything else for my army. But the format of these narrative campaigns - where all your units get split out into battle groups in each phase of the story - means that you are rew

Painting pale skin without highlights

Today's post is a bit of a medley. I'm working on expanding my Cobalt Scions Space Marines for a campaign, and so for your viewing pleasure, I bring you: (1) an Aggressor/Heavy Intercessor kitbash, (2) a quick but kinda nice pale skin painting method, and (3) my joy at building and painting a stripped-down Repulsor. Kitbash: Heavy Aggresstercessors Blingwangs, paunches and cowels are among the details on Aggressors that I'm not wild about. Questions might be asked about the wisdom of attaching firearms and ammo feeds to a melee weapon , but err.... welcome to 40K. The main problem here is indisputably the chunk of metal swinging between Aggressors' legs, rather than the waterline conceptual hole of Boltstorm Gauntlets. Don't worry, I fixed it, by doing possibly the most expensive kitbash in my collection. The fruits of my highly affordable labours can be seen above. Here's a shot from behind: Note that I clip off the leg cables on Gravis armour, because that