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Painting pale skin without highlights

Today's post is a bit of a medley. I'm working on expanding my Cobalt Scions Space Marines for a campaign, and so for your viewing pleasure, I bring you: (1) an Aggressor/Heavy Intercessor kitbash, (2) a quick but kinda nice pale skin painting method, and (3) my joy at building and painting a stripped-down Repulsor.

Kitbash: Heavy Aggresstercessors

Blingwangs, paunches and cowels are among the details on Aggressors that I'm not wild about. Questions might be asked about the wisdom of attaching firearms and ammo feeds to a melee weapon, but err.... welcome to 40K. The main problem here is indisputably the chunk of metal swinging between Aggressors' legs, rather than the waterline conceptual hole of Boltstorm Gauntlets. Don't worry, I fixed it, by doing possibly the most expensive kitbash in my collection. The fruits of my highly affordable labours can be seen above. Here's a shot from behind:

Note that I clip off the leg cables on Gravis armour, because that's gonna get caught on something. Unlike the massive cables on the weapons.

Mini-tutorial: painting pale skin without highlights

The classic Citadel painting method is to start with your shade colour and build up the brightness with highlights. This is great if you have time and good brush control, but if you have less time and/or patience for highlighting, I've been playing around with using glazes for pale skin over the last year or two, and I rather like the results I'm getting, particularly relative to the effort involved. If you're familiar with applying glazes, it's easy. Here's a step-by-step:

Et finalement, le tank.

There's a lot of Space Marines in my backlog, so in theory I shouldn't have bought this Repulsor at all. But, look, sometimes you just want to paint a tank, and you haven't painted a tank in two years, and a man has needs. Bricky needs.

As a point of honour, I built and painted it immediately. If a new purchase doesn't touch the sides, it doesn't count.

When the Repulsor first came out, most people I knew were pretty down on it. Not without reason, too; the stock kit looks like a gun porcupine, in that curiously adolescent way many of the Primaris kits are straight up over-gunned. Remember when a land speeder had a single weapon? Seems mad now.

On top of this over-gunning was a frankly bizarre painting decision from the 'Eavy Metal team: they painted the over-door grenade launchers a different colour to the hull, making the silhouette extremely busy. Your mileage may vary, but now that I've had a chance to build and paint one of these things, I'm actively a fan. I've been as minimalist as possible, a move made even easier by the excellent decision made by the rules team in 10th edition to consolidate all the bonus weapons into a single profile called a defensive array. In 8th and 9th editions, you had to have at least one heavy stubber plus multiple grenade launchers on the turret. No longer.

If I ever do another Repulsor - and I suspect I will - I might add a few cheeky little party favours back on. Not the stowage boxes though. Those things are completely impossible to reach, even for a Primaris marine on tippytoes.

It must be said, I'm pumped to have a single transport that can haul twelve dudes in this checks notes ...3,600 point army.

Yeah, definitely going to need another.