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2018: A Year In Plastic

Here we are at the end of another year. It is a time to reflect on what we have accomplished over the year. Since this is a hobby blog I'll skip over all the silly adult stuff like jobs, family, etc etc and dive straight into the little plastic toys. I'm only going to cover things that actually got finished. There are a few in progress things that'll be covered in the plan for 2019.  The first part of the year was continuing with my Thousand Sons/Tzeentch project from the year before. I did receive some Horrors and the Acolytes as gifts and got stuck into those.  To finish off that project I went for a ambitious (for me) conversion of a defiler/soul grinder. It was far more sculpting and what have you than I've attempted before. I think it came out alright.  Next up was the super secret Iron Warriors project done for Nerd Thunder in July. Managed to bash that lot out in about a month. Which isn

Grimdark Christmas Micro-stories

It can be hard to make the shift from the skull-filled world of our hobby to the organised jollity of Christmas. In the hopes that it might help, Mark and I teamed up with new Bunker denizen Andy and revised thirteen famous Christmas stories to fit the 41st millennium. Have fun figuring out what they all are. Some of them are REALLY VERY SUBTLE. Very subtle indeed. Tuck in. I Three old navigators are lured off-course by a false astronomicon, which leads them and their ships to an unsanctioned infant psyker of incredible power. Believing him to be a new incarnation of the Emperor, they proclaim His rebirth to the authorities. The child is taken away by the Sisters of Silence and never seen again. II A Necromunda Gang are trying to steal treasure from a vault, taking a rival gang hostage in the process.  A single member of the hostage gang is free and works to thwart the theft culminating in the throwing of the opposition gang leader out the window of the hive

The Future of the Company - Blood Angels

Today we look at two individuals upon whose transhuman shoulders rest the very future of the Blood Angels, especially the 3rd Company. Lets start with the one with arguably the biggest job. Sergeant at Arms Radueriel. The eagle-eyed among you will be saying "now Jeff, you can't fool us, that's not Radueriel, that's Telion..." and you would be right. It has long infuriated us that only the Ultramarines get a character scout to lead a reconnaisance army. It's daft. There should always have been an option to put a character in scout armour and indeed in an older Space Marine codex Telion was considered an archetype and you were supposed to rename him and use him in your successor chapter. Well. I'm taking that one step further and changing him to a Blood Angel. I'm swopping out his Chapter Tactics and calling it good. Uniquely among my scouts, Raduriel has his face on display, partially to help him stand out, mostly because I just love that scu

Blood Raven Primaris Kill Team

Since the introduction of the Primaris Marines with the new edition I've been itching to get my hands on some. I know some people do not like them, I do however. I feel that they are better proportioned than the old marines. I much prefer how they do tower over many other models. I'm not bothered by the scale creep so much as it's all made up anyway. I've also been wanting to try and up my painting game and because of such I decided to start a new project rather than add them to my Dark Angels and have the different levels of painting stand out. Kill Team Cozen So why the Blood Ravens? It's a fairly even split between the visual and the fluff (as always). The think that the red/bone colour scheme is rather handsome and somewhat striking. I also like their background, not knowing who their parent legion was. Although I choose to believe one of the theories that they are in fact The Corvidae, a fellowship of the Thousand Sons that was sent into hiding shortly b

Sector Munitorum Scenery

When Gee-Dubz brought out their Munitorum Armoured Containers, I was (I thought justifiably) scornful. If your shipping containers have been fitted with a gun, you have strayed from the path of the sane. When that gun is a storm bolter, generally reserved for veteran astartes and the like, you are a swivel-eyed nut enthusiast. When there are two such guns attached to each container, I lose the capacity for words and can only laugh. Uncontrollably. As with so many GW kits, though, once you dial the thing back down to 10, it becomes great. The preposterous storm bolters are an optional extra, not mandatory, so when the Killzone: Sector Munitorum box came out the sheer discounty goodness made me look again. I then realised I could double down on the deal by picking up the Tempestus Scions kill team - five dudes and another two Munitorum sprues at a discount? I'll take two, thanks.  So now I have a squad of ten Tempestus Scions storm troopers for my Inquisition warband AND