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Blood Raven Primaris Kill Team

Since the introduction of the Primaris Marines with the new edition I've been itching to get my hands on some. I know some people do not like them, I do however. I feel that they are better proportioned than the old marines. I much prefer how they do tower over many other models. I'm not bothered by the scale creep so much as it's all made up anyway. I've also been wanting to try and up my painting game and because of such I decided to start a new project rather than add them to my Dark Angels and have the different levels of painting stand out.

Kill Team Cozen
So why the Blood Ravens? It's a fairly even split between the visual and the fluff (as always). The think that the red/bone colour scheme is rather handsome and somewhat striking. I also like their background, not knowing who their parent legion was. Although I choose to believe one of the theories that they are in fact The Corvidae, a fellowship of the Thousand Sons that was sent into hiding shortly before the Space Wolves' assault on Prospero during the Horus Heresy. Which ties them in nicely with my Thousand Sons. They are notorious for 'aquiring' relics which often puts them in conflict with other chapters. I also enjoy their somewhat fracture relationship with the ordos hereticus. All of which makes interacting with other Imperial forces interesting.

Brother Sergeant Ikaros
Comms Specialist Bother Anderz

As I said above I wanted to try and up my level of painting and I feel that I might have actually done that. If it shows through my bad photography. I wanted to keep it simple but do it well. The main red armour is Mephiston Red, Nuln oil recess shade, Evil Sunz Scarlet, and Wild Rider Red. No fancy blending, just trying to keep it smooth and neat. The black was Abbadon Black and Eshin Grey. Metal was Leadbeltcher, Nuln Oil, and Ironbreaker. Bone is Ushabi Bone, Agrax Earthshade, and Screaming Skull. That was pretty much it. The squad and chapter markings are decals from Chapter Customizer. These where applied using the same method I use on scale models. A layer of gloss, Micro-set, the decal, Micro Sol, another layer of gloss, then a layer of matte varnish. All with lots of drying time in between each stage.

Brother Helios, Sniper
Brother Deni, Demolitions Specialist
The basing is where I made a higher than normal amount of effort, by my normally lazy standards. I went for a forest floor basing scheme stolen from Em's Wood Elves. It turned out to be easier than I imagined, once I got over myself and stopped worrying about the placement of every single leaf. The bases where sanded, sealed, and painted brown. I then stuck some bits of stick from the garden on a couple of them. A couple also had a hole drilled through the base and some more upright type plants added. I think these are from a Hornby trains scenics pack (You'll have to ask Em, she's in charge of the scenery stuff). Next I made up a mix of a couple of different static grasses, some moss type stuff (also from the garden), dill & oregano stolen from the spice rack, green tea lifted from a tea bag, the ivy came from Army Painter, and a few big brown leaves from a bag I found on the scenery shelf (again, not a clue where they came from now). I spread down a decent layer of PVA and literally threw the mix at it. Then sealed it all down with PVA. I did deliberately have some that was either ivy or dead leaf heavy for variety, but I was really surprised just how easy it to get some interesting looking bases without too much special or expensive stuff.

Borther Isembold

Brother Thaddeus
I still have the rest of the box of Intercessors to build and paint, so I'm going to finish them and see what takes my fancy at that point. I'm going to try and not get too hung up about sticking to a list with these. Just paint what ever takes my fancy next and see if I can keep up the neatness.


  1. Who’d they steal that MK X armour from? ;)

    1. The Blood Angels. There aren't that many of them anymore and they are already painted red ;)

    2. Blood Angel armour that is covered in tyranid blood and scything talon marks. Probably buff out, though.

    3. Further adventures of oi!


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