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Sound & Fury

Throw horns Chaos fans! It's time for the second best* battlefield band in the 41st millenium. They come, heralded by the screaming of infernal chords, the Noise Marines of Slaanesh! Yep! I wanted some "god squads" among my pantheistic Word Bearers. More about that later. For now, lets talk about the models. These are the Forgeworld Kakaphoni from the Heresy line. They've been a bit modified with chaos backpacks and the occasional shoulder pad but essentially "as sold". I just love the look of their sonic blasters much more than the old metal upgrade set. That having been said... you'll notice a metal blastmaster (unnacountably absent from the Forgeworld set) among the weapons. Mercifully it fits very nicely on to the new marines and makes a lovely companion to the sonic blaster design. I knew I wanted to use the disturbing doom siren head and backpack on the champion (makes up a nice Slaaneshi six see) and was perusing the wargear options and saw that

Defiler of The Word

 Welcome, fellow devotee of the Dark Gods! I've got quite a large project for you today, however, to quote Gimli "It still only counts as one"... Yep! It's Daemon Engine O'Clock again! Now, the genesis of this model needs a little explanation so bear with me... Long ago (seriously, like 9 years ago) Charlie and I were running an Inquisitor campaign for some of our friends. We needed a finale and decided to scare them. Perhaps to death. We bought a pair of Soulgrinders and painted them in secret - in Slaanesh purple - to have burst from the ground. Let me tell you, even at 54mm scale these things got a reaction [evil chuckle]. Mine then sat on my shelf and became roughly 70% dust. Fast forward to 2021. My Word Bearers are primarily an infantry based army. In the lore they prefer that and, bluntly, I'd already painted a huge Blood Angels force that contained a lot of vehicles. Didn't fancy doing that again. So I figured that just having all of the availa

Cobalt Scions army complete!

This will be the final entry on my Ultramarines Successors, at least for the time being. Today's post will go over the conversion of Lieutenant Amulius (the modelling process, not the religious experience), then the painting, then a brief bit of lore on him, and finally some thoughts and photos on the army as a whole.