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Geek Week Episode Three

Well folks, that is it, the Geek Week is over and time to inspect the spoils of the final days, first, I'll take a squint at my Dwarfs: As mentioned last time, I was rewarding myself with a Bolt Thrower. I'm really chuffed with figuring out a new wood method: Steel Legion Drab with Rakarth Flesh woodgrain all bound together with Agrax Earthshade wash. I don't hold with this new idea of Dwarfs only using metal. Kinda daft. Also in the vein of rewarding myself for a week of solid painting I thought I would add another rank of Slayers to the unit. These five are the pirate slayers to give them their nautical feel. Long Drong the pirate slayer captain will be the Giant Slayer of the unit and deserves a slightly closer look. Gotta love that Macaw on the shoulder, all the colours just balance the beard so, so nicely. Check real world references when painting animals as you will always, always forget important details. And finally, the first hero for the Dwarfs

Geek Week Episode Two

Shirley : Flatulence; moderate, gusting good. Jeff: Well, the festival of sweat-shop style painting, dubious humour and ill-advised dietary intake that we know as Geek Week continues. Maisey and I are still churning out models at our usual rate, and Charlie is doing something complicated with green stuff and optimism that he assures us will yield awesomeness any time now. So, on with the show; my Dwarfs have had a major boost to their numbers as the Ancient Mariners - Longbeard Warriors - are finished: I'm using the newer plastics as the Longbeards because, well, they've got longer beards. The older models look younger (go figure) so they will be the warriors. Sharp-eyed readers may well be wondering, "why the hell there is a kraken on the banner?" Well, the army is from Barak Varr - the Dwarf seaport - and the family in question are former shipping magnates. Thus I am using plenty of nautical imagery along with the sea green and foam white colour scheme to h

Geek Week Episode One

Junk food! Filthy humour! Headache-inducing bouts of laughter! Geek Week is here, and we've got the pretty pictures to prove it. As I type this, the Beard Bunker's painting table looks like a cross between a sweatshop and the zombie apocalypse. I'll let Maisey explain why later on. The experience is as enjoyable and as humiliating as I expected it to be. So far, Maisey's painted 25 skeletons, based 20 zombies, and painted another thirty. Jeff's produced a unit of sixteen deeply charming Thunderers. And what have I got to show for myself? A finished volley gun that was already half-done when the week started. So. Frakking. Slow. In my (limp) defence, I've also mostly painted five handgunners and done some sculpting on Amelia (more on that project later in the week), but for now, here's a picture of the army's Helblaster: As with much of my stuff, I've tried to model the crew in such a way that you get a sense of their character. T

Breaking in a new army

Whilst most of us don’t even know if our  campaign armies will work on the tabletop, Maisey has forged ahead and played his first game with the 2,300 points he’s painted. And why isn’t he here to tell you about it himself? Because he and Emma are off to Wales for the next few days. I’m told there will be ponies. Now then, today’s post is going to talk about how to maximise your tactical learning from the first few games you play with a new army, and also to reveal some fairly awesome plans we’ve got for next week. This is the first time Maisey's painted a Warhammer Fantasy army to this size, although he's played a few large games of Fantasy before, and has played many smaller games with his Vampires. As he saw it, his biggest challenge came from the following rule: “Units with the Undead special rule cannot make march moves unless they are within 12" of the army General (or have the Vampiric special rule).” – Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts. Maisey was c