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Geek Week Episode Two

Shirley: Flatulence; moderate, gusting good.

Jeff: Well, the festival of sweat-shop style painting, dubious humour and ill-advised dietary intake that we know as Geek Week continues. Maisey and I are still churning out models at our usual rate, and Charlie is doing something complicated with green stuff and optimism that he assures us will yield awesomeness any time now.

So, on with the show; my Dwarfs have had a major boost to their numbers as the Ancient Mariners - Longbeard Warriors - are finished:

I'm using the newer plastics as the Longbeards because, well, they've got longer beards. The older models look younger (go figure) so they will be the warriors. Sharp-eyed readers may well be wondering, "why the hell there is a kraken on the banner?" Well, the army is from Barak Varr - the Dwarf seaport - and the family in question are former shipping magnates. Thus I am using plenty of nautical imagery along with the sea green and foam white colour scheme to help get that point across. After two block units I am rewarding myself with a war machine next. Well, I say block units... combined, they don't rival Maisey's next offering.

Maisey: So, as Jeff has mentioned above, I've been fairly productive in the last few days (well that's almost a lie, I spent most of today slaving away over a hot xbox) below is the second of the three zombie hordes. The third one is on it's way, just another 30 Zombies to go before I can live the tri-horde Zombie roadblock of doom dream.

As a distraction from the massive ranks of rotting flesh and other nasty bits and bobs, I've painted this chap:

I was never planning on a Cairn Wraith in the army, but the model is far too tasty to ignore. I've avoided adding any colours that might tie it to the rest of the standard army; I've done the same thing with the Zombies, Ghouls and Varghulf, simply because these all feel like feral and wild creatures drawn to dark power rather than things that were deliberately raised by the vampires for their own devious means.

The Battle-Standard Bearer below was mostly complete before Geek Week began, I just had to finish the banner and base it.

And then just to ensure that we all have some content today, the green stuff jockey Charlie will now present a "Previously on Geek Week":

Charlie: Having a competent photographer in the house means that we can now give you a decent photograph of the Blades of Taal, and their banner (what done featured in the freehand painting tutorial). There are still ten more to buy, but for now, feast thine eyes upon the upper-class majesty of the unit champion, Josef von Brecken. And a flag.

I swear it's been a productive week for me, it really has. How do I know? Because the still-mysterious Amelia von Lessing now has buttons. BUTTONS.

Jeff: And that is all, folks. More Geek Week later on, but for now we return to brush-blistered fingers, stooped backs and squinting eyes. Remarkably, we're having a good time.


  1. Some awesome stuff!

    The dwarfs look great, being a big dwarf lover myself they are a great looking unit. The banner is a nice touch, it looks great.

    I do however get upset with longbeard models, or lack there of. I am happy to see that you didn't go the stupid GW route of; Longbeard = masked warrior.

    Maisey - That zombie horde is great. They look really good, and I like the non themeing idea. It works. You've made the old, rather ugly GW zombie models look good.

    And the wraith looks cool, the model looks good. That BSB is amazing. The banner top is really good, any chance of a better picture of the icon?

    Charlie - I found that tutorial really good, the banner is great. I love the laurel leaves on the other side.

    Great stuff guys!

    1. Thanks once again, Kuffeh! You may or may not be glad to know that there's a new tutorial in the works. It involves putty.

    2. That makes me very excited. I'm looking forward to it a lot now. :D


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