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A modern major general

For reasons that will become readily apparent in the next campaign update, I recently found myself in need of a new general for my Hochland army. Whilst plans are still afoot for Hochland’s Elector Count on a griffon, I also wanted someone a bit less points-heavy. More specifically, I wanted a general on foot who could sit in the middle of the battle line (where his leadership bonus would be, you know, relevant).

Thus, without further preamble, I give you General Rikarht von Haas:

Rikarht’s been serving as the captain of the Tussenhof city watch. As much as he’s respected in the city, the most dangerous situations he’s dealt with involve gangs of hungry refugees looting the Tussenhof markets. Being an officer of noble birth, he’s well-schooled in matters of strategy, but he’s got no front line experience; he knows full well that the only reason he’s been given the job is that there’s no-one else left.

The conversion work on the model was relatively limited. The original had a pretty classic neckbeard, and an officer’s... stick... thing. Baton? Whatever. Also a skull badge on the hat. And, crucially, the plimsolls of martial prowess.

Slippers maketh the man.

Step one was to shave the little plastic man’s beard. Then, to scrape off the skull hat badge, replace the baton with a shortsword, remove the feather to allow better head positioning, and then to sculpt boot cuffs.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the result. But for the few details I changed, I like the model, and whilst the paint job is nowhere near my best (I rushed several elements) Rikarht looks equal parts craggy and uncertain. To my eyes, at least. Crucially, he has enough bling to mark him apart from the captains in the army – in fact, he’s the only model in the Hochlanders with any gold on him.

Hmm. I seem to have been posting nothing but single miniatures lately. I shall endeavour to get a campaign update out at some point, and maybe some other ramblings. If there’s anything anyone would be particularly interested to hear about, drop something in the comments and I’ll consider it.



  1. Very nice conversion work, I must say I actually like your version over the stock model.

    I have a copy myself but I was going to change it somewhat when I get around to building/painting it.

    1. High praise! Thank you. What do you plan to do with your version?

    2. I'm holding on to him for a project I want to work on down the line.

      I'm planning on converting some Empire Greatswords into Reiksguard foot knights, I think he may be great as a Reiksguard captain/marshall to lead them.

    3. Nice! I'd often wondered about doing knights on foot. Particularly for Reiksguard, since I rather doubt they're on horseback when they're defending the Imperial palace... :P

  2. Nice conversion. I've nominated you guys for a Liebster Award, in case you haven't got one already...


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