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Workbench: Dwarven Shield-fence

Greetings fellow bunker dwellers. I thought I would share with you one of the first fruits of my work with my Dwarf army. Eagle-eyed readers from my previous post will have noticed that the thunderer unit are equipped with shields. Trouble is that the models I am using do not support shields and they always look stupid glued to their backs without the proper strapping. I needed a solution, read on and see if you can guess what I'm up to before I get there!

Step one was breaking out my trusty Chopper II and cutting nine lengths of plastic rod at a cm long. The chopper helps here because the cuts are at precisely the same length and perfectly perpendicular.

I glued the rods to the rim of the movement tray (I texture all of my movement trays to help them blend with a table). I used the gaps between bases to give a guide as to regular placement.

Once all the vertical rods were in place I used the 60° mitre on the Chopper to create angled braces for the end uprights. A strip of plasticard was cut to length and glued on top of the vertical posts to create a crude fence.

I glued various Dwarf-sized shields together in an overlapping strip extending the length of the fence. I left the whole thing to dry for my usual cup-of-tea duration (a useful measure of time as it means you also have a cuppa!).

Once dry the strip of shields was glued to the uprights. I also added a tankard, a pipe with its pouch of tobacco, a bag for handgun balls and a spare pistol to the top of the fence.

Finished. In the immortal words of Rolf Harris "Can you guess what it is yet?".

With the thunderers on the movement tray it forms a palisade fence with shields forming a sort of defensive obstacle. Annoyingly the right side of the fence drooped and slid down the uprights when this photo was taken! I fixed it and left it to dry properly, impatience is the enemy of wargaming.

Another angle on the droopyfence. I think this is the best solution for the thunderer shield problem. Given that they will mostly be used at range it gives a nice arrow-catching obstacle to hide behind. It doesn't, however, look strong enough to be a proper defensive obstacle under the rules. Let me know what you think! Until next time folks,



  1. That is awsome. I had considered doing this previously but instead of attaching it to the movement tray my idea was to make a strip of free standing bases for ease of moving. This is a really nice idea.

    Consider it put into my book of ideas!

  2. Very clever! Definitely works. Also, I'm going to have to get my hands on a Chopper II. What other mystical tools are in your kit, then?


    tooltime articles!


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