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Iyanden Craftworld vs Blood Angels photo gallery

Hi folks, recently Em and I got the chance to throw down (I don't get to play her nearly enough) and busted out our respective Iyanden Eldar and my Blood Angels. Thinking that the yellow vs the red would make for an attractive game I brought my camera. Here's the results. Enjoy!

Blood Angels deploy amongst the gantries.

Iyanden take the township and seemingly hunker down and prepare to repel borders

Lovely windrider jetbikes, first time I'd seen them in the flesh. So much better than last edition

Em's shiny new fire prism sneaks in to take aim at my blameless tanks.

The Dark Reapers lock and load atop the tower.

Blood Angels bikers, acting as outriders for the tanks advance on the flank.

The Fire Prism advances up the ramp to get up the right angle. Seconds later a Razorback was aflame.

Guardians spot the incoming bikers and ask the Wraithguard to deal with it.

The Wraithguard round the corner and ready their D-Scythes...

... and a commander who hasn't faced them before sends his men into the teeth of it! Fail!

The Wave Serpent emerges from cover to line up bright lance shots on the armour.

An enraged Chaplain Raziel leads his men into battle...

...and slaughters them to a man. Next stop, the Farseer...

I'm afraid that's it, later game photos were thinner on the ground. It really looked like a Blood Angels victory at one point, but Em pulled it out of the fire and annihiliated the entire leading edge of the army. Congrats to her! Can't wait to face them again, and soon! I shall have my crimson vengeance.



  1. Oh well, that's even more self aware undead for Iyanden, then.


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