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Getcha Motor Running... Blood Angels Style.

Greetings Bunker Dwellers! A post like this needs musical accompanyment and I know a classic. So with the musical accompanyment sorted, lets get the gang together:

Eagle-eyed readers will have seen these chaps make their debut in the Iyanden vs Blood Angels picdump from a couple of weeks ago. Sadly they got their shiny model syndrome rubbed right off owing to my rather underestimating what Wraithguard D-Scythes could do. Eep. But now they can get their due with shiny pictures.

Long term readers - and those that followed me over from Pirate Viking Painting where the majority of my Blood Angels lived - will remember that my head-canon for the Blood Angels is a little different to the studio norm. I'm running the 3rd as a classic Tactical Company with occasional BAngel flair. This squad is one of those oddities. They are actually the 6th Tactical squad mounted on bikes in order to be outriders for the armoured column. I always thought they made more sense as a mobile tactical squad than fast attack. Bolters, a heavy weapon, special weapons, a sergeant. Just because they go fast doesn't mean that they're not a fairly normal Tactical squad. So Sgt Gadreel (seen above with the chainsword) just gets the hogs and rides out.

Bike squadrons can take a couple of special weapons and I liked the idea of using the fuel from the bikes to run flamers. Hence I converted some flamers into the Ravenwing bike farings (very appropriate for the Blood Angels I thought) and added the cut down cannisters from redeemer sponsons on the back as auxilliary fuel supply. In order to remember that they still had twin-bolters I modelled each with a bolter of their own in order to stay "legal". As though the Bunker cares all that much for such trifles.

In much the same way as Land Speeders, Attack Bikes are the perfect platform for multimeltas. They move fast, get in close and thus can take advantage of that close range damage boost. Especially now you can split fire it makes little sense to take the heavy bolter. Anything that will shrug off almost forty bolter shots is not going to be terribly troubled by a few more at a marginally higher strength. So instead Squad Gadreel gets some anti-tank punch.

As I'd nicked the Ravenwing fairings I also had a bunch of the nifty pannier boxes. I liked the look so on they went too (the ones without obvious DAngel imagery anyway). You can't quite see but the screens are painted to look as though they have ground scanning radar advising the rider as to the contours of the terrain.

While I've found painting these to be quite the trial (there is a LOT of painting in bikes) the finished effect is wonderful. I love the way they look on the table and the image of them riding alongside the tanks when contact is made and then them speeding off to repel assault is glorious. While I might have sworn off painting any more space marine bikes... scout bikes don't count... might need some of those...



  1. They look great, rich red and striking contrast white details. Nice addition with the Redeemer fuel tanks and fairing Flamers, I always run MM Attack Bikes, HB seems a waste. I have a set of those spare panniers and pouches I’m adding to some long range recon metal scouts on heavy bikes (bought before Scouts got their own stripped back bikes).

    1. Nice, love the "long range" look for scout bikes. Thinking of adding even more stowage to mine when they appear than normal to help that effect.

  2. Not sure if you'll ever see this but I came across this post through google and im blown away by how much I love this paint scheme. Is there a chance you remember this scheme? I absolutely love it!

    1. Thank you AveAlces! Most kind. The scheme is hella old now but was detailed here on my old blog.

    2. Thanks for the swift reply! I do have a couple of questions before I start trying to copy you. My real inspiration is your Lieutenant model you painted. As a blood angels diehard he really envisions what I imagine when I think of the boys in red so I want to emulate you as much as possible!

      1. Baal red no longer exists, is there a good alternative you've found? Carroburg crimson is too purple for me.
      2. When you mention you say first and second highlight do you mean by edge highlighting or through drybrushing?

      Sorry if im making you remember stuff from years past haha but i've been dying to find a rich blood red scheme for my angels for what feels like ages so I am very keen to get started on this army project. Thank you so much, you are a very talented painter!

    3. 1. Vallejo Game Colour Red Wash is a close second. Close enough that later models painted don't stand out too badly. If you are doing the whole army in it it'll be perfect.
      2. Edge highlighting because I am a mentalist.

      Feel free to drop us a line to any insta pics or whathaveyou when you are done! We brothers of Baal have to stick together :)


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