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Nerd Thunder 5: Warhammer World - Part Two

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Yeah... so... it's been a while since part one... this is honestly because I lost the photos. Put them safely in a folder buried somewhere in my computer and... forgot where. Lame. I have though finally found them and so we can launch on into the Warhammer 40,000 halls! Once again, I'm not going to do much - if any - talking, I'll let the awesome tables speak for themselves:

Battle of Istvaan V:


Tyranids Assault a Space Wolf Fortress:

Imperial Guard in Parade Order

Frozen Imperial Defensive Positions:

Tyranids attack Iyanden Eldar ON A FREAKIN' LAVA WORLD!

Imperial Guard desperately try to rescue  a downed Valkyrie from Orks:

How cool was that? Once again, this wasn't all the displays, just the shots that worked well (shooting through glass is a bear). Next time the grand finale, the biggest display table I have ever, ever seen. Astonishing... and I promise it won't take six months this time!



  1. Ahhhhh I'd forgotten how pr0n-tastic the ork scenery is...


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