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Nerd Thunder 5: Warhammer World - Part Three

Back to part two - the Warhammer 40,000 halls

Yes folks, this is it, the big 'un. We'd all been impressed going around, and even a miserly chap like myself (I can demand the change out of a penny with the best of 'em) had stopped grumbling about the price of admission and had just been going "WOW" a lot. Then we walked into the final hall. And saw this:

I don't think it is possible to convey through pictures just how massive this thing is. I even tried getting a shot with the guys in to for scale:

But even that doesn't give much as you can't see three quarters of the table in that shot. Seriously. Feast your eyes on some of the mini-vignettes that make up the mega-vignette of this awesome table:

the lower section of the table is a vast battlefield, for scale, the bottom left corner includes reaver titans

The bridges over the lower road, high enough for warhounds to walk under.

The citadel has these huge arched walkways, landspeeders and assault marines flying through the archways

Dreadclaws hammer in and dispatch even more chaos marines

Heldrakes dogfight with space marine flyers around the towers.

titans support a desperate attempt to stem the flood of daemons

some very unlucky marines barbecued by a helldrake

far above the battlefield, Marneus Calgar duels a Bloodthirster

A massive force of grey knights fighting for the gateway...

...are practically a footnote in the overall battle!

well, that's one way to deal with a titan.

it just feels wrong to be dwarfed and almost vertiginous around wargames scenery for heaven's sake!

I tried to give you all a sense of it but nothing can prepare you for how awesome this is in the flesh. You owe it to yourselves to see these displays if you at all can. There are dozens of others which the photos never came out or are too dark or whathaveyou - a cracking necron one was particularly galling to shoot! - and they are constantly changing them. The ticket price is worth it. These are not the old miniatures hall. Just walking around them reinvigorated our excitement for the hobby and this was right after we'd been so disappointed by Age of Sigmar. These halls made us feel like bouncy kids again and all of us went around at least twice (you can go around as often as you like on the one day).

Hope you've enjoyed this tiny sample of the awesomeness that is Warhammer World these days.