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Ministry's going to London's MCM ComicCon!

Thanks to the inestimable Gideon of, we're going to MCM ComicCon in London this weekend to help him sell pretty polyhedral dice, and spread the word about our roleplaying game whilst we're at it. To paraphrase renowned bad boy Martin Lawrence, poop just got actual.

Jeff revealed that we'd developed a Weird War II RPG back in October. The TLDR is this: it's 1941, and you play a government agent with strange abilities tasked with policing Britain's shadow society of supernatural people and creatures. Occupational hazards include sporadic fisticuffs with Himmler's Thule Society.

Both Jeff and myself will be manning the Dicebard booth from Friday through to Sunday, so if you're going, you're very welcome to drop by and say hi! As per Dicebard's usual dapper vibe, Jeff and I will be shedding our usual stoner-hobo derelicte threads for waistcoats and other toffery, so that in itself is bloody weird.

The current state of the game is that it's still freely available at, and that we're slowly building a community, such that it has a chance of succeeding when we launch a crowdfunding campaign to hire illustrators and graphic designers to do the proper sexy version. The ruleset itself is already good to go. If you'd like an ultra-mini in-person demo, or just a natter about the game, drop by the Dicebard booth! Of course, if you'd just like to grab yourself some pretty D10s and other polyhedrals then I guess that's fine.

Of course, the other thing you'll be able to check out at the Dicebard stand will be the dice-related elements of Jeff's leatherwork. He's been stuff ready for this weekend, and pinged this to our group chat the other night:

Why yes, those are some sexy handmade, hand-decorated dice cups. Jeff is putting out some delicious work these days. If you're leather-curious, his Instagram is here, and he can be hired to make whatever you want at

Where to find the Dicebard booth?
We'll know the location of our booth once we set up on Friday, so we'll tweet that from @TwoBeardRPGs.

If you're going, hopefully we'll see you there?