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Dark Angels 3rd Company (ish)

Maisey: A little while ago Jeff posted about his beautiful and well thought out Blood Angels. Seeing that post made me glance lovingly at my Dark Angel shelf and I wondered if you guys would actually like to see them for once. I've spoken about my Dangels many times before but never really done a proper post about them.

Yes, I have a shelf of Dark Angels... and a bonus Knight

I wish I could go back into the mists of time to say how a young Maisey, inspired by some article was drawn into the cowled mysteries of the Dark Angels. I would also like to say that in his youth Maisey struggled to create the army as seen in his childish minds eye.

But I can't, because that would be a lie.

I didn't play 40k until I was in my 20's, so no childhood memories here. The initial attraction to the Dark Angels was with the 4th Edition codex release back in 2007 and the release of the Veterans kit with 5 robed marines. I saw the models and thought, 'They look cool, a whole army of robed marines would be badass'. That's about as deep as it went back then.

I can say that I did, back then make a completely cowled army. it wasn't a true Dark Angels army however, I was far too intimidated to paint that many bone white robes, so I made a successor chapter in a far quicker and easier scheme.

With the release of the 6th ed Codex in 2013 I decided to re-do the Dark Angels completely. I also decided to do them properly. With most of my armies until that point they had always felt like they had a functional paint job. Not a terrible paint job, but basic and speedy. So with this I really decided to try and up my game somewhat. I honestly think it's a good level of painting. It's not going to win awards, but I'm happy to say that I painted it. I did take the time to do as much free hand as I could. So all the squad, company, chapter, and other markings where free hand (unless there was molded details). The company standard also got a free hand paint job as well.

I got pretty good at those little square wings...
... and the curly numbers.
Not award winning but I did the best I could.

As with most of my projects I broke the army up into little themed chunks. So a squad, it's transport, and a support unit all geared towards one speciality. First up we have the characters, a Company Master and a pair of librarians. I decided that it made more sense in my head that a Deathwing Librarian would have the bone white armour of his brothers instead of the blue dictated by the Codex. I do have to confess I've never managed to get around to getting that chaplain model, you know the one, THAT interrogator chaplain model. In fact, I really should just order that one model, that wouldn't be breaking the 'no new stuff' rule for this year would it?

Large and in charge

Every playa needs a pimped ride and an entourage 

Next we have the quintessential Dark Angel combo of Scouts, Deathwing, and Ravenwing delivering a heavy assault punch.

The little ones sneak in and find them, the big one's come in a subdue them.

Then the speedy one's capture them and take them for a spa holiday. Honest!

If those don't work, then I can always send in the company veterans with their land raider to shoot everything.

Here in my car, I feel safest of all... 

Squad 2 are rolling around in their favourite Rhino and supported by a Predator with Autocannon and Heavy Bolters. This unit is intended to make any light infantry very sad with as many bolter rounds that I could (super) humanly fart out. The Rhino has a second storm bolter, the squad has a heavy bolter, but no specialist weapon, just to add another bolt gun. The Sergeant is also packing a boltgun. This unit tends to get taken out in pretty much every game as it makes for a nice solid core.

Dakka, dakka, and more dakka, cuz green onez are bestest... wait...

Squad 3 are packing all the plasma weapons you can technically carry, as well as a dreadnought rocking, you guessed it, another plasma cannon. This is probably the least used of the squads, mostly because I don't get to play against anything with heavy infantry very often. 

Also the sergeant forgot his helmet.  

Squad 4 are my tank hunters. The Sergeant brought along his power fist, and the specialist is hefting around a meltagun so I can roll a 1 to hit at the most critical moment. Also have the heavy sporting a lascannon as well as the razorback carrying a twin lascannon. The idea here was to combat squad the unit, have the longer range stuff stay back, with the dreadnought and provide cover fire, while the short ranged stuff dashes forwards in the razorback to do some damage up close and personal. 

Tank hunting across the universe. 

So there we have my Dark Angels. I've honestly not had the urge to add to them, I did intend to add a devastator and assault squad to get me up to half company strength but I've never quite managed to get back to the Dark Angel painting place with them. Gaming, sure these guys get a lot of table time. Maybe one day I will get the spark again and add a couple more squads. A devastator squad supported by a Whirlwind battery, or maybe a Vindicator and an Assault squad with THAT Interrogator Chaplain. Or I could do a few Primaris Marines as well...

Ok, maybe there is a little tingle to paint some more.