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Three week genestealer cult part 3: you gotta do a montage

Charlie: Welp, here we go. The big game is less than a week away as I write this, which means it's the final countdown and I'll need the eye of the tiger if I'm going to avoid the danger zone. At this point I'm probably gonna need a montage. On the upside, it's not looking hopeless. Here's what's finished thus far:

Rising up, back on the street.

How has this much progress occurred? Well for one thing I had help from one of the other players: Andy of the Iron Legion blog. He and I took Thursday off work and painted for ten hours straight, painting all the cultists in one huge batch, starting from a mournfang brown primer and slapping on basecoats with more enthusiasm than caution. With a combined 20 man-hours under our belt, we didn't quite finish the 35 cult members, but it meant that after another 12ish hours over this weekend, they're done, and with more highlighting and facial detail than I expected.

I've still got the primus, magus and purestrains to do plus some other minis, and I have tomorrow off work plus... three evenings. There's some other preparations yet to do, and I guess I'd better spend some of this evening working on those since my wrist is starting to feel weird.


  1. They have turned out very well - nice work on finishing up the 'stealer skin parts and the details.

    1. Thanks Andy! I hope you're similarly keen on them when they're spraying leaden dietary supplements at Brother Hytius :P

    2. With Ripley in my hands, they'll have to do that around a mouthful of bolt shell while enjoying some warming promethium skin lotion >;)

    3. Ladies and gentlemen of the comments section: we're talking about the infernus heavy bolter he's taking on Saturday. Andy's gone full Sigourney :D

    4. "You see, it is a pun, because it rips the flesh of the Xenos, and the character Sigourney Weaver played.."

      "Yes, Brother Hytius, it's a very funny joke, you've told us 14 times now..."

  2. I normally like Andy's jokes....


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