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Three week genestealer cult part 1

Charlie: Oh dear lord. On the 29th of this month, I'm running a Deathwatch scenario involving a genestealer cult. Anyone who's read enough of this blog will know how slow I am to get things done and now I have to paint a whole heap of models in... [counts] THREE WEEKS?!

So boned.

My five victims players know I own the hilariously named Deathwatch: Overkill box, and at least half of them know I've added a goliath truck. So here's the pile of things they're allowed to see:

Yay for unfinished truck! Boo for unpainted crew.

There's some other stuff, but that'll have to stay secret until after the 29th. Suffice to say, I've never tried to paint this many models in such a small window of time to anything approaching non-crap standard. One of the victims players, Andy, has offered to come over for a day and help out, but still, it ain't looking good.

Over the next three weeks I'll be posting frequently but in smaller, bite-size chunks. Bit of a change to our usual format, but the other Beard Bunker authors will I'm sure produce more of our usual fare as well. Follow along, and laugh at my hubris!


  1. Good luck, in three weeks I might get one Goliath and a few Stealers done! You have set yourself a tough task, but I look forward to your efforts, the setting of a deadline is often a great motivator!

    1. True that! I could have got more done by now, but the horror of the looming deadline has finally galvanised me into action :D


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