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Exalted Sorcerers and Industrial Thingies

If you hadn't guessed from the title, today is about two totally distinct things. In the first half we have a trio of Exalted Sorcerers, along with a group shot and a run down of the painting process as requested. Coming in the second half we have a somewhat rusty pile of industrial scenery. Neither of these things are connected to each other but on their own they aren't really big enough to warrant a single post. At least not a post with the girth that you, the dear reader, deserve.

The Exalted Sorcerers:

As with all of the new Thousands Sons kits, there are a ton of options right there in the box to create three Exalted Sorcerers. It did seem a little strange initially that the character option comes as a three pack, but I am grateful for that in the end. Mostly because you don't have to choose between parts when you can create three cool models. Also, being able to pump out 8 Psychic powers every turns, 2 each for the Exalted Sorcerer and 1 a piece for the Aspiring Sorcerers, is not something to be sniffed at.

I have started to name and come up with backstories for each of the Sorcerers in the army (Exalted or otherwise). If there is an interest I'll put it into a post for you all to enjoy.

I was asked in a comment in an older post how I did the gold. I did reply, but I'll go through the steps here:

1: Spray Black
2: Airbrush the whole model with Vallejo Model Color 70.878 Old Gold.
3: Wash whole model with Carroburg Crimson.
4: Drybrush with Chainmail (yeah, I'm still rocking a few of the old paints).
5: Paint in the armour panels with Sotek Green.
6: Wash the Sotek Green panels with Biel Tan Green. However don't do this neatly, allow the wash to spill over onto the gold. I also added extra green wash into the deepest recesses which darkens up with the red nicely.

Here is everything together, in the desert, posing nicely for the camera.

Everybody say 'TZEEEEEEENTCH'!

With the Exalted Sorcerers done I can technically tick the box on the Thousand Sons. This doesn't mean that I'm done with them, there is certainly going to be some more units added. However for the purposes of this years Project Getting Things Done this is everything I currently own for them painted and sorted.

Industrial Scenery:

This part is a bit more a photo dump. I've had the platforms and gangways done for a while now but they have always been a bit hit and miss when it comes to gaming. They take up a lot of vertical space on the board, but they don't block line of sight too well once you're down at a model's eye level. So I've added a bunch of bulkheads, shipping containers and more solid buildings, as well as the crane. These help break up the lines of sight a lot more, which makes for a more tactical game. These pieces along with my Skyshield landing pad and a few other odds and ends is enough to cover a 6x4 board with enough scenery to be tactical but without being over crowded. As with the Thousand Sons this gets me to the point of being able to tick the done box happily but when I let myself start buying new things I'm certainly going to be adding a whole bunch of industrial knowhats and thingys to give the gantries something to go over.


  1. Love that industrial terrain! Where is it from?

    1. Ta muchly. The Crane is from TTCombat and the rest is from Wargames Tournaments. Which doesn't sound like a scenery store, but they have a good range. It's all laser cut MDF so it's all very modestly priced.


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