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Slaughter in Sejanus - Necromunda Campaign Update!

Once upon a time, in a hive called Sejanus in the Cetus Sub, there was a gang called The Carrion Children. They were big, they were scary and they wore weird doll faces so everyone stayed the hell away. Then the Inquisition came in and smashed them because they were ever so slightly a nascent chaos cult too... And thus the events of the Beard Bunker Inquisitor campaign set the scene for the Beard Bunker Necromunda campaign: With the Carrion Children gone for good, there was something of a power vacuum in the depths of the Sejanus underhive and a bunch of gangs went scouting for territory and treasure. They mostly found each other. 

Yep! It was the first weekend campaign event of our Necromunda campaign and dear gods did the blood flow! We are playing a dominion campaign and so this was the first phase of territory acquisition. Because we're all newbies at this modern Necromunda lark we kept things simple. A series of Zone Mortalis Tunnel Fights as our gangs explored old Carrion Children territory.

For anyone who is interested, we're using YakTribe's excellent Necromunda resources to track the campaign and gangs and so you can head over and follow the violence here. We've tried to remember to do little write ups of the battles as they happened so much of the narrative is over there. But to get everyone's voices heard and introduce some gangs that haven't been in the blog yet I asked everyone to choose their favourite fighter and do a little write up of how they've got on. So without further ado I pass you to the leader of the Stitchers, Meester Brassley:

Charlie: Lisbet 'Tinker' Enveri [Stitchers (Escher)]
Lisbet's backstory is available with the rest of the Stitchers here, but the short version is that she's the gang's engineer/gunsmith/technical support, and loves figuring out how stuff works. She's very industrious, but dreadful at passing jobs on to other people.

The classic mini I used for her is an old favourite of mine that I never had a chance to paint before, and I was excited to get her out on the table. How did she fair? Comically, that's how.

First game: fired her gun once, gave someone a fleshwound, and ran out of ammo. Then got shot BY THE PERSON SHE HIT and had to crawl her way to safety. An ignominious first game. It's actually RATHER HARD to hit someone with a plasma gun and NOT take them out of action.

Next game: fired her gun once, gave someone a fleshwound, and ran out of ammo. Hid.

Next game: fired her gun twice, missed, then dealt a fleshwound and ran out of ammo. Enemy then ran away when some other Stitchers jobbed their leader.

Next game: Went on a long flank march. Rest of my gang got set on fire. Never fired her gun, so hey, at long last, she didn't run out of ammo!

If there is any justice in this world, someone is going to get hit with a proper salvo of bright blue plasma, I'll manage not to roll an ammo check, and everything will be amazing. For now it's been merely hilarious, so I have no regrets.

Andy: Cayla, just Cayla [Cathartids (Cawdor)]

There's almost nothing know about Cayla's background, and she is very intent on keeping it that way. Not unusual in the Cathartids, a place where the down and out wash up and those who are truly desparate find some kind of reason to keep going. There's a deep rage running through Cayla, and those spending any time with her can feel it simmering away just under the surface.  No one in the gang, not even Dalvor (cult leader) has felt able to broach the subject of just what is driving Cayla.

However, when it comes to gang action, that very same rage is what makes her such a formidable weapon.  She is rarely found anywhere but right behind Dalvor, driving forward into the thick of the action where her sawn-off shotgun is used to devestating effect.  She also seems to have no qualms about finishing off any ganger that happens to be unlucky enough to be seriously injured as she is passing them.

Model wise, a standard Cawdor body, with an old Glade Guard (Wood Elves) head for a more feminine look.  As there's no sawn-off shotgun in the standard box, I cut up one of the pole-arm weapons I wasn't going to use, and added another barrel to make it look more like a double-barrel shotgun.  She also carries an improvised axe made of a circular-saw blade on a stick.

Games wise, she's fought in two scraps so far, in both she formed part of the grouping that ran forward with Dalvor to get into the thick of things.  In the first she knocked down one of the Van Saar that Dalvor finished off with a Coup de Grace, and the very next turn was able to administer the coup de grace after Dalvor knocked down their Champion.  In the second game she again ended up acting in support of Dalvor, putting some heretical juve from a rival Cawdor gang out of his deluded misery.

Emma: Cliff 'Painkiller' Berg [Free Aegis Security Solutions (Van Saar)]
Cliff is the gangs main source of illicit substances.  Whatever is up with you, Cliff has a pill for it. Uppers, downers, laughers, frowners. He's also a pretty chill, mellow dude compared to the rest of Aegis Security (probably because he's on something 98% of the time). Cliff loves pills almost as much as he loves his lasgun, Polly. 

Like all of Aesgis, he's a gun nut, able to shoot a hive rat between the eyes at 100 paces.   Since Aegis Security Solutions abandoned their posts working security for a uphive family (swiping all their expensive gear in the process) Cliff has been popping more pills than usual to escape the exceptionally dire surroundings of their new underhive ‘home’.

In the gang’s first attempts to push into new territory, Cliff put on a pretty solid performance, hitting a few enemy gangers but sadly, no scalps just yet. He also managed to keep his head down enough to avoid getting any serious injuries.  Cliff is currently in the dog house however, as during their most recent clash with Blood and Chrome, Cliff (usually such a good shot) somehow cocked up an easy mark against a B&C ganger laying into Reuben Monroe (the gang's Suppression Laser specialist). Cliff ended up shooting his mate in the back and sent him sprawling into a wall, much to the surprise and delight of the B&C ganger. 

Perhaps he was still shaken up from the loss the night before of Aegis leader, Atticus Rodgers, during a brutal encounter with the Stitchers? Or perhaps it was the particularly potent drug cocktail he'd consumed that morning.  Either way Cliff needs to make it up to his fellow gangers pronto. Luckily there was no lasting damage, but as new leader Alexander reminded Cliff in no uncertain terms, A.S.S. guys need to have each other's backs, not shoot each other in the spine.

Mark: Ginge [Sons of Betrayal (Chaos Cult)]

It's hard to tell where it all went wrong for Ginge. 

Certainly, as the foul energies of the warp coursed through him; distorting and bloating his body and shattering his mind; Ginge had good reason to reflect on his mistakes. 

His first mistake may have been trying to extort money from a business under Arbites surveillance. This little Peccadillo certainly brought him the unwelcome attention of his superior in the Magistratum. The subsequent disciplinary procedure might have gone better if Ginge hadn't taken the opportunity to put a 4" knife wound into the officer's abdomen, rob him and the station cash box and go on the run in Boxtown. 

Agreeing to join a shady group he knew nothing about for food, shelter and the promise of eternal life and infinite power might also have been a poor decision. Having three ribs broken by a shotgun blast from an Emperor bothering fanatic on his first run out was less of a choice and more of an accident. 

Arguably his worst and most final mistake may have been agreeing to limp into the chalk octogram when the cult Boss wasn't there and creepy Nekoda's eyes were doing that blacklight flickering thing. 

Ginge doesn't really consider anything he does as a mistake anymore. Certainly, there are times when pain, hunger, confusion and the flickering lightning periods of sentience come together and Ginge remembers for a painful moment. 

But those periods don't last, leaving Ginge free to struggling against his chains, writhe in pain or chew on his favourite tentacle. It doesn't seem to matter though - a newer, better tentacle always grows back.

Ginge has not been the most effective member of my gang. In fact, he only turned up to one fight, where he achieved nothing more than getting shot. I think Ginge's progression through the gang: Turn up, get shot, get turned into a spawn. Is a little microcosm of the joy that worshipping Malal can bring to you.    

And remember kids, when you're running with the order, you're only running out of time

Drew: Eliminek [The Hangmen (Cawdor)]
Eliminek is not the most vicious member of the Hangmen, but he certainly derives the most joy from his work.

Most members of the order (order, not gang) are devout in their worship of Him on Terra, truly believing the sinners of Hive Sejanus can find redemption at the end of a length of rope. Eliminek on the other hand is simply there for the love of the kill.

Eliminek was a violent, small time drug dealer in his previous life and his rivals, customers,  often met a bloody end.

He came to know the Hangmen after they crashed into the nightclub (and former church) that he operated in. After burning his associates, they offered Eliminek a chance at salvation. Be hung by the neck. Face the Emperor's judgement, and if you are worthy, you will be revived. Eliminek saw his chance to escape a flamer to the face, and accepted.

Upon his successful revival he was welcomed into the order as a brother and given his new name. Whilst he has no great love of the emperor, he does take enormous pleasure is justifying his blood lust as a holy crusade.

Eliminek is mostly a standard GW cawdor model, the only difference being the head which is an Anvil hooded male cultist.

Eliminek is armed with a reclaimed autogun, but causes the most damage when hurling around one of his many incendiary charges. He has taken part in four fights with other gangs filthy heretics, winning two. In both winning fights he was able to steal a Coup de Grace from the champion he was following. In the first he managed to knock out the leader of a band of heretical cultist. the second resulted in death of a Blood and Chrome gang member, who's body he gleefully strung up in victory.

Jeff: Garrick "Grizzly" Yster [The Blood & Chrome (Orlock)]
Alas, poor Garrick. His backstory can be found here but for the edited highlights: "Grizzly" was Heinrick's strong right arm. A seasoned champion and contented lieutenant. Or at least he was, right up until the moment that the Hangmen killed him. 

It was an especially brutal fight. Both Garrick and a young ganger called Hektor Sidero were greviously wounded and desperate for a doctor. With our leader down we only had one slot to get a man to the doctor. Leaving Hektor to his grieving friends Janis threw Garrick into the truck and got him to the medicae. Looking at him the medicae quoted an unbelievable 110 creds to get Garrick back on his feet. Left with little choice, Janis paid up. Then... Garrick. Dies. Anyway. Bled out on the operating table. To add insult to considerable injury, the territory we had just lost out on claiming? The Rogue Doc. Seriously.

As it turned out Hektor was just in a coma and woke up (rolled a double 6 on the settlement recruitment) and hammered on the inside of the corpse disposal unit before he could be turned into Hive Guys burgers. Suffice to say, we've got beef with the Hangmen. Oh, and that doctor... although rumour has it he's run off and hidden in Stitcher territory. Pour one out for Grizzly friends, pour one out...

And that's it! All our favourites and their stories. We are loving this and you'd better believe there'll be the next round of territory claiming in September. Bring. It. On.

Until then



  1. Holy balls, Andy those Glade guard heads are PERFECT for Cawdor gangs, so glad i read this, they'll look perfect along with the Forge world heads as well!


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