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Shhhh... This is a Library

Over the last month and a bit Jeff and Charlie seemed to have produced a small hive's worth of scenery, gangs, and stealer cults. I've been a little more focused with my paint brush. I've finished exactly one miniature. Tt's a pretty one however, and I'm actually impressed with it myself. I think I've done a pretty good job of it. I even pushed the boat out with some techniques I don't normally use. I've attempted to wet blend the force sword to make it stand out and look a little special. Other than that there isn't anything special, just done neatly (I hope). I'm not going to bore you with lots of words. I'll just get straight to the pretty pictures.
I'm ready for my close up
This is my zappy hand.

Full frontal Sorcery

A little cheeky behind

Force Sword and Freeahand
The wet blended sword. I looked carefully at how it had been done by the studio and tried to replicate that.

A little freehand nameplate, so he knows which armour is his.

More of the pretty forest basing.

The Blood Ravens project has been ticking along slowly in the background. Just doing a bit here and there. I've got some Hellblasters ready to go, however I might have been distracted by everyone else's Necromunda gang and decided to get involved. That's going to need a speedier paint job if I'm going to catch them all up.