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Drag Queens and Sprue Trebuchets

Due to popular request ('popular' meaning one person asked, and I'm a pushover) today's post brings you something special. Something dreamy. Something that tried to apply make-up atop a galloping love pony. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Precious, the Brettonian Drag Damsel!

Frequent readers may remember Mary, John's K'Daai Destroyer. Well, this is one of his more eccentric creations. Some of you may be wondering why John felt the need to create a Brettonian Drag Queen (others may have thought 'why not?') and amazingly, there's actually a perfectly good reason.

Many moons ago - indeed, at the very beginning of this blog, in January 2012 - I wrote:
"John bounced up to me with the sort of childish glee that only a burly, six-foot Kung Fu teacher can, and asked if I’d team up with him to take part in GW Oxford’s doubles tournament on 7th February. Each entrant was allowed to use the contents of any one Warhammer Battalion box."
Just the Battalion box. Whatever you could carve, bodge, sculpt and convert. Make it as hench as possible. So obviously, a level 4 damsel using the Lore of Life would be pretty nifty. Problem was, there weren't no wimminz in the box.

Yes, that's a cigarette in her right hand. She fashioned
the hand-mirror out of her favourite frying pan.

John figures Precious was once a boy of such incredible raw talent that he was taken in by the Lady of the Lake. Rather than breaking down gender stereotypes and becoming the first male wizard in Brettonia, he got a bit confused, and assume he had to become a lady to do the job.

Dem hips. Dat ass.

You can actually see photos of her beehive hair at the sculpting stage in a post from February 2012: The 'Lady' of the Lake.

Aside from sculpting her cracking rack, I can claim no further credit. John is also hesitant to claim any credit, since his painting skills have seen significant improvements over the last few years. That, and he did a deliberately terrifying job with the face paint.

Why so seriousss?

Other hilarious achievements of that army included the trebuchet built entirely from sprue, the chains from the archer's stakes, and a bit of string.

The important thing is that it was built out of sprue from the battalion box. Nifty, no?

In case you're wondering, Precious pretty much won the tournament for us.

We'll be back soon, possibly with some retrospective stuff on 2013. Maisey in particular has been a busy, busy bunny.



  1. That is genius. I bet your opponants were somewhat...surprised? And then when you placed ther trebuchet did they need a lie down?

    Had anyone else been as creative with ther box contents?

    1. There was a pair of ladies who did some pretty inventive things with Daemons, including a scratch-built daemon prince, but it was two years ago, and my memory of the event is now... scarce.

    2. Well, this guy happened...

      That whole tournament was a pretty fun project!

    3. How could I forget?! So dreamy.

  2. She's a beaut that one, fine figure of a lady!


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