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Interior decorating for tiny people

In the eight months between then and now, the interior detail (not to mention the little bits of resin furniture) sat on my shelf looking sad. As much as they all looked very pretty, I didn’t have any impetus to finish them. It’s not like you need a cheese board for games of Warhammer.

Moreover, having the interior detail didn't seem that useful for roleplay scenarios; I only tend to want a visual representation of the area when the environment or number of characters is too complex to keep track of in the mind’s eye... and that seems unlikely to happen in a one-room cottage.

Once I started painting the interiors, though, I got really into it. Given the sharpness and quality of the models, it was easy to get a satisfying result using pretty basic techniques.

First up, here’s the inside of the cottage:

Somewhat ridiculously, there was a point where I found myself painting emulsion paint on the interior walls of a miniature building. Why? Because when we were painting our desert board, I got a tester pot of bleached bone mixed up at Homebase, and it was pretty useful for slapping a basecoat down for the plaster. Follow it up with a white drybrush and then line in the cracks with a mix of Vallejo Earth and bone, and the walls were all set.

In case you’re interested, the wood was an oh-so-basic basecoat of Vallejo Charred Brown, a drybrush of Vallejo Earth, and a final very minimal drybrush of Citadel’s Pallid Wych Flesh.

Finally, here’s the interior of the townhouse:

Mmmm, rustic.



  1. Just got my first Tabletop World piece through the mail today following Jeff's recommendation. I am absolutely bowled away by the detail. I'm in love with the model (Townhouse III). I can't wait to get it started.

    I think that your article reflects something I love about this hobby, and why I'm so disappointed with of Age of Derpmar: with these kits you really feel like you can get into the lives of the Empire's people. I adore these little details.

    Nice job, by the way!

    1. I know, right? Immersion for teh winz! I really should paint the other two Tabletop World buildings I have...


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