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The plastic pub I didn't paint for ten years

In June 2013, Mark and I undertook to convert the old Warhammer chapel into a more generic dwelling. The Beard Bunker's long-standing Bit of turning down the visual volume on GW's output has enjoyed the same consistency as Suella Braverman waking up on any given morning and deciding whether or not to be performatively inflammatory.

The thing is we did all this work, then just one month later, I painted my first Tabletop World buildings. My desire to paint GW Fantasy terrain died harder than a tapdancer in a minefield.

Skip ahead ten years and I'm slowly gearing up to posthumously close out the story arc of Mark's Skaven army and their lordship over Hochland's one-time capital Hergig. I need buildings. Lots of buildings. Then I see this thing that we built together all those years ago, dust-addled and half-painted on the shelf next to much prettier Tabletop World stuff, and confronted with the bin or the brush, I chose the brush.

Keen to make sure I just got it done, I didn't go crazy on the detail. No tonal variation in the stone, no water staining or rust streaks. The grout between the stones didn't get picked out, because that's work, I just got it done, and reader: old sores like this feel great when exposed to the aloe vera of completion. I'm honestly happy with the result relative to the effort involved. Terrain's great for that.

A wash of Elysian Green around the bottom and a few spots of ultra-short Gamer's Grass for moss completed an otherwise pretty simple paintjob. All that's left is to come up with random Warhammer pub names so it can be a different but alarmingly similar watering hole every time it lands on the board. I'd love it if people left some in the comments. All puns welcome (e.g. real life pub, the Nobody Inn).

The house section isn't glued to the tower, so can be used on its own. Here you can see how the replacement window and extension came out. This post shows the original conversion work.

Bonus resin window beneath awning to conceal the filled-in SKULL WINDOWS.

I imagine the skulls on the tower section are the previous landlords. It's the Old World; staff turnover is lethally high. Hmm. The Hound & Headsman works. Maybe a riverside one could be called the Scull Inn. Hur hur.

Anyway, look, this is barely a post, I'm just really pleased to scratch a very old thing off a very long list of unfinished terrain. If you're reading this, I implore you to do the same. Particularly if a dead friend helped you build it.


  1. My go-to D&D tavern name is The Weathered Spoon. There seems to be loads of taverns with that name for some reason...

    1. Apparently the second most numerous chain is owned by the Greene Goblin King. The more you know.

    2. Down in the Badlands you've got Waaaaaaghston's but they're a bit dodge

  2. Harv's Wine & Stein
    The Bitter End
    The Stout Dwarf
    Charles Edam C's. Food and drink-drink place for manthings.


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