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Pretty Dirty Things


These are the exact words Em used when I showed her the model I used to test out the new special effects paints from Games Workshop.

This is him -
I think someone should go visit the 'special' Doctor.

I really love this model, but not being either a Nurgle or Choas player I've never really had an excuse to paint him. Until now! The sculpt, the details and the pose all really sit well with me. It's a reasonably straight forward model but it still has such a dominating presence for me. Also, it only has two skulls on it!

I'm serious, you might have an infection there.

With the paint job I wanted to have a bit of a play with the new paints and decided this chap would work really well looking like he's just been dredged up from the bottom of a lake. The skin was base coated in Tallern Flesh/Thunderhawk Blue. then I kept adding Dwarf Flesh and Pallid Wych Flesh until it was pure Wych Flesh. I used Dawnstone to fill in the open sores and then piled in some Blood for the Blood God. Once that was dry I painted in some Nurgle's Rot into the bottom edge of the sore, letting a little bit of it run over.

I'm just going to go ahead and book you an appointment at the clinic.

The Armour was Lead Belcher washed with Tyhpus Corrosion followed by Athonian Camoshade. Then a few touches of Runefang Steel and Nihilakh Oxide just to finish it up. The base was Agrellan Earth and Mordhiem Tufts.

At least let me put a plaster on that.

So, what do I think? Well:

Blood for the Blood God - Pretty much exactly what is says it is. It's blood, that is shiny, gloopy, and drys with a slight transparency (look closely at the blade of the axe to see what I mean). I know one can get to the same finish with mixing inks and glosses and all sorts, but this is just so much easier than all that faff.

Nihilakh Oxide - Really nice colour to this one, and dries with a powdery finish. Looks pretty damn good. Just be warned, it's pretty runny. 

Agrellan Earth - Anything that make basing easier is a win in my book. Just make sure you gloop it on thick enough. GW say, not too thick and not too thin but that is really too vague to be helpful. The base here was 2mm to 3mm thick. There you go, actual numbers, not subjective wishy washy nonsense.

Nurgle's Rot - Acts a lot like BFTBG but it is green. It's also pretty disgusting. I'm not so familiar with infectous oozes but I'm fairly sure I don't want to found out how close these look. That is a job for someone with a stronger stomach. 

Typhus Corrosion - It's just like Earthshade, but a little darker and had grit in it. Gives an awesome texture to the finish and makes a wonderful surface to drybrush over. I used two coats to get a really heavy filth going on but one would work for most purposes. One thing you should remember, those little gritty bits get everywhere, just like glitter, but not as shiny. So remember to clean your brushes properly and change your water afterwards otherwise you'll get texture in places one shouldn't have texture. I learnt this one the hard way. 

Ryza Rust - I didn't actually use this one here but I did have a play with it. It certainly far more consistent than using Blazing Orange and is great for dry brushing and stippling. I'm still not convinced it's going to replace weathering powders for me in all cases. Yes, it's going to be far more durable in a gaming situation but it's just much much harder to get it to fill the crevices like a weathering powder. There might be some mileage in using both. Powders for the nooks and Ryza Rust for the areas that are likely to be handled in game. 

Over all I like these additions to the range. Yes, one can duplicate all of these affects with mixtures of various different products, but this makes it so much easier, and for the normal gaming painters like me, I'm far more likely to use them in when they are easily to hand.

Oh, for those who know me. Painting a "one off" model like this usually triggers some form of project for me. If that is going to happen this time, and I dive headlong into the clammy arms of grandfather Nurgle, only time will tell. 



  1. This guy is nasty...and I mean that in a good way! Excellent work.


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