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Grimtoof Redux

My house was recently invaded by a trio of Danes keen for shooty-death-kill in space, and so for the first time in literally years, I wheeled out my army of Speed Freaks. The impending game served as ample excuse to paint up the Stormclaw warboss, so as to replace my rather low-rent nob conversion from back in the day.

Young Grimtoof looks a bit diddy next to his older, hencher self.
Older Grimtoof be gert hench.

Normally, I'd have too much pride to leave a model unconverted, particularly since combi-skorchas are clearly superior to combi-rokkitts, but you know what? Life is short, and rokkitts go fasta.

Now this model is still the same character: Grimtoof Boomshanka. He's just older and tougher, as is his ultra-loyal squig Niblit, seen perching atop the bosspole in version 1, and bounding merrily forward in version 2. The squig is actually chained to the warboss in the Stormclaw model, but the chain got snipped off as I liked the idea that Grimtoof finds it more amusing to have a free range squig that just bounces around being a nuisance, sort of like a really irresponsible yet infuriatingly proud dog owner. "E's biting me face off boss!" "I know, bless 'im, 'e loves faces."

If anything I've actually been lazier with the paint job second time around, although I prefer the less saturated green skin tone. I've never managed to get super excited about painting orks; it's very easy to make them look okay, but for some reason I really struggle to make the skin look excellent. Lack of trying, I guess, but I don't mind... for me, the main lure has and will always be kustomizing vehicles.