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I've got sand in all the wrong places...


So, been a little bit slow on the old model front recently. Primary reason being due to a house move. Which meant packing everything away, and then moving things, then having to unpack everything again. Hobby stuff was about halfway down the priority list, far below the bed (who doesn't like sleeping?), the kitchen stuff (eating is my third favourite thing!), but above silly little things like clothing. Anyway, we're now safely settled into Nerd Cottage Mk.II. It's bigger, better armoured, and now carries a 57mm cannon... ok, maybe not a cannon, but it does have a shed with a light bulb in it!

Being a nerd, what does a new house mean? Well, it means a new project, and this summer's project is going to be a dusty one. My plan is to create a new gaming board, with scenery, and two (small) armies to play on it. Anyone who has read the title might be able to make an educated guess that I'm doing a desert board.

And the armies? Well, I'm in a bit of a bolt action place, so the first one is going to be a selection of Australian units from the British 8th Army based in Egypt. The second will be the Afrika Korp. I'm going to swapping between doing the 8th and the board. Then I'll be doing a mixture of scatter scenery. With the Afrika Korp coming later. The reason I'm holding on doing the Afrika Korp is being Jeff from Pirate Viking Painting is going be doing a North Africa based Italian Army (He loves the feathery hats they had).

Ok, enough words, here some pretty!

A rifle section from the Australian 9th Division 

Bren gun team

some rifles

some more rifles

... and that one has a Tommy gun!

Some fire support

A 2pdr QF Anti-tank gun

Crewed by some sunburnt Aussies

and finally, something to carry things

An Austin 8hp light utility truck 

or a Tilly to anyone who used them.


  1. Loving the general vibe and believability. The truck looks ace too, and I love the detail of the dust on the windscreen (even if it does draw attention to the fact that you seem to have avoided painting the wipers!). Basing looks great too :)

  2. Ah, yeah. I'll bust out a paint brush for the wipers. Then again, it's 99% finished :p


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