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Tyranid Horde Mode for Warhammer 40K

The wargaming hobby really does bring out the ambitious madman in me. This time, I've decided to do the thing that GW only flirted with in the most Stygian depths of the Covid lockdown: I've written a solo/co-operative mode for Warhammer 40,000 in which the players pit their armies against a swarm of Tyranids. I'm writing it for, whose editorial team keep letting me get right up on my bullshit. It's also been facilitated by having access to Tom's impressively girthy pile of Hive Fleet Kraken beasties.

It's early days so far, with just the one test mission available to play, but over the coming weeks and months I intend to have a growing variety of missions for people to try their hand at. If you've just picked up the Leviathan box and don't know what to do with all those Tyranids, I humbly submit that this is one potential answer.

Rather than repeating myself here, I urge the curious to click the giant Tyranid face below, or indeed just go to this link.

This is ambitious even by my standards, and will take some time to work on, but rest assured we'll keep things coming here at the Bunker as well.

As a wee bonus, here's a few shots from the Fury of the Swarm games I played alongside Tom and Harvey yesterday:

Marshal Leofric Ortiz pulls all the aggro, running straight into the throat of the Tyranid advance to allow our flanking forces to approach the objectives...

...and emerges victorious after nutting a carnifex and upwards of 70 gaunts in exchange for one bladeguard veteran, much to my combined awe and horror.

The battlefield is set up for the basic mission Retake and Hold. We lost.

Nevertheless, Tom's simple Tyranid scheme really pops on a grassy battlefield.

Once we've got this thing dialled in, I suspect we may end up fighting a full campaign here on the Bunker. No promises, mind.