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I Axed You to be Quiet

In a perfect world, this post would be the follow up to Tom's last post about the awesome weekend-long campaign we played recently, but that's going to have to be next week since it's not quite ready. Truth be told I've deliberate cooled my hobby jets over the last month and jumped into a fresh playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077 as I'd been riding my hobby horse pretty hard, and sometimes one has to just calm down a bit and inject some variety. Let's not pretend this is anything more ambitious than a post saying "look, I painted a miniature! Please come back in a week when I've got some actual content for you!"

When I first saw the new Librarian in Terminator Armour I was thrilled we were getting one, but un-enamoured with his glowing nipples and magic Tron lines. But it turns out, if you just calm down and treat them like armour, there's a lot to like here. I also wasn't wild about the face, but that's the easiest thing to swap out.

Apparently played by David Boreanaz

After I ran out of time to prepare him for the campaign in Melia's Reach (again, see our previous post) he went on the backburner... until I happened to be heading to Tom's place for a weekend not long afterwards, and we decided to play the boarding action mission for Fury of the Swarm. At which point, the idea of having someone to lead my Terminator squad was sufficiently juicy that I painted this idiot in two days, which meant absolutely speed running through the highlights. They're a bit chunky in places, but he'll pass muster nonetheless. Plus, it always feels great to just belt something out quickly rather than making it a whole song and dance. Which is ironic, given that anyone given his own suit of Terminator armour must be a pretty big deal in his Chapter. I set about coming up with a characterisation for him, and was only halfway through this process when Tom and I played our boarding action (the game went great, Navy crew and Space Marines working together to kick the Tyranids off their ship, bracing but fun).

I've since finished figuring him out (and, naturally, adding his lore to our campaign wiki), and so he now goes to join the ever growing cast of characters that make up my army. If you wish this post was a bit longer, that's the link to click. Now, I could think of something to say to make this post feel like a fully fleshed out and considered bit of internetting, but instead, I'm off to work on the actual posts to come in the next few weeks.


  1. Lovely, and of course I always enjoy how your "quick" figures are so very good as compared to the stuff I labor over for so long.

    And of course I appreciate the "I axed you to be quiet" for a librarian.

    1. Thanks mate 🙏

      We are always our own worst critics, but certainly the journey of painting this army has very much been of slowly relaxing about standards 😄


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