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Those Magnificent Green Men in their Flying Machine...

They go up, diddy up up, they go splat, spl-a-at...

I don't often share Work In Progress stuff but this has turned out great so I couldn't wait! I wanted to add a Doom Diver to the growing Gobbo horde but... I kinda like the current one but it is a whole hell of a lot of money for what it is. I set my brain to musing. Then I saw one of those clown cannons on the telly and everything swam into place. A quick search on ebay gave me some classic doom diver crew members (the one with furled wings is in the post). Add in a looted Empire mortar and some converted crew and the Doom Diver Mortar is born!

This surly fellow is the loader/primer for the mortar. The mushroom stoppered jug contains the fine ground powder needed to fill the touchhole. The big ol' scoop is a powder measure for the main charge but I doubt that goblins figured out precision measurements and just ladel it in "to taste".

Some of the componants are a little wonky as I've left the mortar in unglued sub assemblies. The firin' goblin is another easy conversion adding the slow match from the empire gunner to the end of the spear he comes with.

Thats all folks, just a quickee, but a nifty one!



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