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Tzeentch Defiler Conversion

I really wanted to add a Defiler to my Thousand Sons, it is a good thematic fit with what I have already and carries a wide range of weapons options. What I didn't like was the model so much. Specifically the box that made up the main torso. It really doesn't really do it for me. So I decided to be brave and go for the conversion.

I started with the Soul Grinder model as the basis of the conversion as the daemon thing fits so well with the rest of the daemon engines I have already.

The main thing I needed was to pick the weapons. The battle cannon was a given, adding a Twin Lascannon was an easy pick given the lack of anti-tank else where in the army. The heavy flamers are always a great option.

So that decision made I had to work out how I was going to model the weapons to the Soul Grinder body. Raiding my bits box turned up a couple of Lascannon barrels and some heavy flamers. I think they are from a Leman Russ/Deomlisher kit but don't quote me on that.

The Battle Cannon was a little harder. I initially want to have the Cannon from the Imperial Knight kit attached to the left arm. However it's a little too big and I couldn't figure a way of attach it securely to the arm. So I hit up some bits sites and ended up with the cannon from an Imperial Guard Taurox. It's smaller size made it easier to work with.

Below is some in progress shots from the work bench. 

The body needed some gap filling. 

The claws needed some work. The Soul Grinder uses one of the Defilers claws as the right arm. Which got butchered and had a couple of Lascannons grafted on to them. So I had to improvise and fit the claws to the legs from the Soul Grinder.

 Both the Lascannons and the Battle Cannon needed some work to blend them in. This was the biggest challenge for me. I'm in no way a sculptor or very experienced with green stuff. So getting the new weapons to blend was hard, but for most of it I just tried to follow the style of the existing muscle lines. The white stuff is Tamiya Plasto Putty. It's doesn't sculpt in the same way as green stuff does but it sands down and polishes smooth. It great for gap filling and for structural work underneath.

Now for some bonus material. A Tzaangor Shaman and what my cabinet currently looks like.


  1. Loving how that turned out. Can't wait to get brutalised by it :D

    1. Thank you, I can’t wait for it to be shot at by everything! :D


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