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Automated 40K Crusade Roster upgraded to v1.3

Back in September 2020 I made an automated campaign roster for 40K's new Crusade mode. It's a Google sheet formatted for ease of use on smartphones (for obvious practical reasons). It's since become one of the Bunker's most read posts, and thousands of people have apparently started using this thing. This was very much a pleasant surprise, with very kind shout outs in both the Independent Characters Podcast and the 40K Badcast as well as some top-notch signal boosting from the Goonhammer Goons.

The main benefit of so many people checking it out is that some of them have sent in extremely useful feedback, and so I've just finished implementing a bunch of improvements. Credit in particular goes to the extremely helpful Jonathan (@jjarcher89 on Instagram). Click the image below to head to the original post, and scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the changelog for version 1_3 to see if it's of interest to you and your wee crusading dudes.