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“Doc Basha finking log, waaargh date… err.. lots.

Da boss Uluruk and 'is bestest beastboss, Bozzgak, are getting fed up. Not wiv da bloaty squig belly, which is my die-ig-nose-sis of eating too many squigs. Dey fink dat there is too many Pansies, Beakies, Tinboyz, and, Mork forbid, Bloodaxes around 'ere.

Dey reckon itz about time sum proper Orks showed ya how itz dun. Well, I fink I spotted some Goffs, dey r almost proper Orks, if dey wasn’t so boring. Dey just bang on about dat metal stuff. Not enough spinny hed squigs being chucked around amungst dat lot. Dey should get back to da proper ways.

Right, dis finky log is getting boring. Where is Nurse Skrachit got to, stoopid runt, it’s surgurree time. One of Deez beastsnagga boyz needz a new leg after da numpty lost it to a hog.

Just can’t get da boyz deez days.”

Right, enough chat from the Doc. Maisey is back! After a long hobby hiatus caused by Real Life shenanigans, I'm finally back on the hobby wagon. What better way to to dust off the cobwebs than to start a completely new project?

"But Maisey, did you already try Orks and totally fail to make any headway into those projects?" I hear you ask. Well yes, I did, but the big issue was getting the right tone, specifically for the skin tone. Then Charlie introduced me to Vallejo's Cayman Green over a brown basecoat and my world was changed, for the better. Gone was my biggest hurdle into Greenskins, which was the green skin.

I picked up the Beast Snagga Painboss here on a whim whilst in store one day, partly to test out the method and partly because I fancied just doing something different to my admech lads (don't worry, they haven't been forgotten). Since I just so happened to be watching Deep Space 9 at the time of painting, I decided that Doc Basha would be an appropriate name. In fact, any of the Star Trek Doctors would have been suitable. Dr Crusher, Bones, Emergency Medical Holagram. All perfect Ork names.

Next he needed some Boyz, and the Beastsnaggas are a great kit, especially since I'm totally drawn to the Snakebites. Their simplicity, their love of the great outdoors, and their propensity towards lots of Squigs. They just called out to me.

The main painting steps are as follows:

First, prime the whole model with TTCombat Lasercut Brown spray.

  • Dry brush Vallejo Game Colour Cayman Green straight over the brown primer.
  • Dry brush Citadel Elysian Green
  • Highlight on faces with Elysian Green
  • Pickout lips etc with a mix of Cadian Flesh and Elysian Green (heavy on the fleshtone)

  • Dry brush Leadbelcher straight over the brown primer.
  • Wash with Agrax Earthshade (Gloss)
  • Apply Thinned Skrag Brown into some recesses and stippled on flat areas in a rust-like manner
  • Highlight with Vallejo Air Silver

All very simple and above all, fast. It also helped that vaious members of my nerd herd threw lots of spare bits and kits at me to get me on my way. Thanks guys!

There is plenty more Ork on the way as I've been quite swept away by the green tide. There has also been a few reinforcements for the Admech as well. So posts about them coming soon, I hope.

Oh, and I painted some runts as well.


  1. That is a nice shade of green

  2. Because sometimes you don't need a fancy power weapon, just a big stick and a winning spirit (as well as several big mates to wave more sticks).
    Come to think of it; will there be a dust up between the different ork armies ro see who gets to be the Big Ork Boy™?

    1. Never underestimate the devastating power of a big stick...

      Oh, there will be a big dust up. The plans at the moment at vague, it is mostly dependent on how quickly the rest of this army comes together and what arrives with 10th Ed. Whatever happens there will be a Battle of the Klans someday soon.


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