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Frostgrave: Critterwatch Episode One

Hello everyone! I'm rogue Druid Kri Spackham, we've packed up the studio and come out here to the frozen wasteland of Frostgrave to take a look at the exciting wildlife in this thawing hellhole. Join us as we explore in this year's Critterwatch!

Theme music plays
Lets jump straight to those live cameras as we've seen some incredible action already today! A territorial challenge between a greater frost wyrm and a snow troll! It might look like a back garden in Cardiff but no! It's the heart of the frozen city!

It has snowed a lot lately here... like, not a lot for Canada but tons for Wales

So with that challenge ending in tentative, immobile standoff it's probably worth looking closer at these wonderful creatures and how they've come to live in this overly-chilled wizard-ghetto. Firstly, of course, neither of these are truly natural, they are in fact Not Proper Creatures (NPCs) created by magic and now wandering the city supplementing their diet with adventurers foolish enough to go searching for treasures.

Reaper "Bones" Frost Wyrm

The Frost Wyrm is a particularly magnificent specimen of NPC, many times the length of a human, these critters used to keep the sewers clear of escaped experiments. Since the Accident, it is assumed that they cleared out their own territory and came aboveground for more food. Able to keep pace with the fastest rangers and as dangerous in combat as a barbarian, these things are not to be messed with. They can take damage that would kill two archers and shrug off magic even easier than a full-blood wizard. It's fair to say folks, if you see one of these things, run for it faster than your mates. But look at those beutiful markings. Almost as if it started from a deep sea blue and got highlighted up with a pale blue grey before glazes of turquoise ink intensified the colour. And those eyes! Shining like metallics glazed again with inks. Gorgeous. At a distance...

Heresy Miniatures Snow Troll

And then there's this beauty. Ten feet tall at the shoulder, this vicious snow troll moved in to the city after the Accident, feasting on the frozen flesh of the citizenry and hunting anything dumb enough to come near. An ambush predator, this shaggy beast rolls in the snow to camouflage itself and then huddles, mimicking a drift until prey comes near. Then those massive claws come to play, this guy hits like a templar and is tougher than even the most heavily armoured knight. Mercifully it is slow. You can probably outpace it if you try, you just need to survive the initial assault. It's markings are unremarkable, just a shaggy white coat shading from a deep beige up to an off white with the normal black skin of the polar mammal trying to extract all available solar heat from the short days. The residue of it's last meal - definately not Luke's tauntaun, no, that would be a copyright violation - is smeared around it's mouth and claws.

Yup, Maximillian is hosed
Here we can see a representation of the real scale of these creatures next to a human. As you can see, while the Frost Wyrm is massive it is thin enough to hide when it slithers. The Snow Troll is definately Large. And that's all we have time for folks, the credits are rolling. Push the red stone on your crystal balls to watch Critterwatch Unsprung! See you next time!

Furious waving fades to black...



  1. Love the critters! I’d not seen the Frostwyrms before - I may have to pick some up.

    1. they're great aren't they and cheap as chips, they're one of the examples of the bones material working very nicely indeed. Not always the case, but definately a nice one here.


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