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The Raid On Lachesis Campaign


This post is more a public service announcement than an article, but since I've poured a lot of love and effort into the subject of this announcement, and since I'm not taking up our regular Monday slot with it, I figure the world will cope. Just about.

Back in October, Jeff finally brought his Word Bearers up to Oxford, and we spent a week enacting an orgy of miniature violence known as the Raid on Lachesis. A self-contained week-long 40K Crusade campaign with a big ol' campaign map, a lot of narrative, angry marines, and a whole bunch of truly heroic Imperial Guard.

This post, then, serves purely to direct those of you who enjoy this sort of thing over to Goonhammer. It's split into five parts, because we did not skimp, and this way it's easier for you to savour it over multiple sittings.

Part 1: rules, maps, artwork, lore.
Part 2: The players that fought in the campaign, and their armies.
Part 3: The beginning, in which there are Imperial heroics.
Part 4: The middle, in which midweek warcrimes occur.
Part 5: The end, in which things end up being closer than expected.

I say 'we' because a whole chunk of the Bunker crew were involved; beyond Jeff and myself, we had Harvey, Tom, Drew and Dan. And also, most importantly, we had a great time. We hope that comes across in the write up, and also that it inspires similar weekends/weeks of joyous narrative gaming for your good selves.

As ever, should you have thoughts about it, you can always reach us in the comments section here, or indeed invade the Goonhammer comments sections instead. It's a free world, innit.