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Grimnir Hates Us All

Hello happy bunker dwellers! First of all, bonus points if you identified the oblique title reference, it is the subject of todays post*.

Yes the Slayers are finished! Hurrah! I really think painting them in lumps has been the best policy for this little lot for a number of reasons. First, it has meant that I've been able to lavish the care they deserved on them. Second, serendipitously (totally a word) I have used a slightly different mix/method for the hair in each case meaning that while there is the appropriate sea of orange there are enough differences in tone to make it feel a touch more natural.

These are the motly crew that finished the unit. As a result of my cherry picking my favourite Dwarfs it means that the unit contains a special character and a hero choice masquerading as normal slayers:

Yup, that's a Dragon Slayer on the left and the nakedest Dwarf in Christendom - Garagrim Ironfist - on the right. Oh, and I'm not kidding about Garagrim, he is stark naked. I haven't taken a picture because, well, modesty forbids, but the sculptor has added tiny Dwarven balls under the beard. You can see them from the back. Oh and why is he leaping off of blue tinted chaos armour? No reason... (*cough*Emma'sChaosWarriors*cough*). Actually this is something I do quite often, I'll use elements of my opponants armies in trophies or in one memorable case, my Giant's trousers.

The banner was the subject of some musing for me as I kinda despise the normal slayer banner tops. Naw, despise is too strong a word, they just suck. Instead, I replaced the normal metal banner with one of the plastic icons from the newer dwarf plastics. I think it works. I deliberately kept it quite muted. The focus should be that sea of orange not a fancy flag. The horn blower to his right is charming model, I love the idea of Dwarfs marching to battle to the sounds of the tuba. I gave his face a few thin glazes of Casadora Crimson to make it look like he is puffing and blowing. I'm also extremely chuffed with the turquoises, I think I might have figured out this gemstone painting lark:

The trick seems to be not to change base colour. Just use black and white to alter the base shade and then finish off with a little white catchlight and a gloss varnish. I feel a Pirate Viking Painting tutorial coming on...

And there you have it, eighteen angry dudes. I've called them the Unforgiven Dead and they have a particular part in the story of the Stormbornes. But that'll have to wait for another day. I'll finish with the 2k workometer and it is looking very cheerful indeed.

I think when I get that big (ha ha, "big", I've got 50-strong units in my Night Goblins, Maisey's zombies alone outnumber my entire army) block of warriors out of the way I shall be moving on to the 3k workometer. Ooooh, shiny! Until then,


*The reference in the title was to "God hates us all" the album from... you guessed it, thrash metal icons Slayer.


  1. They look great Jeff! The different tones of orange are there but subtle. I like it, and as you said it makes them feel a little bit more like individuals.

    I like the mix of the slayer pirates and normal ones, and nice to see Garagrim there. And thanks for not showing off the back of the model. I have painted it and was shocked when I got around to the back to find the little stunties showing from under his bard.

    I agree about the banner top, the slayer one is odd, but this one looks just fine. Quite suitable. The gems do look great, and I expect a tutorial! One thing I want to know, how do you paint your metallics? I have become really bad at painting silver metal. Which is awkward when you play a dwarf army.

    And great progress! You have really bashed out this army in next to no time! Impressive, and I look forward to seeing it all. But sad that there will be a lack of dwarf updates on my feed. :(

    1. Thanks Kuffeh! With metallics I am actually quite lazy, Charlie is the daddy of the uber steel. All I do is basecoat in Ironbreaker (chainmail in old money), give it a light drybrush of Runefang Steel (mithril) and then give it a generous wash in Nuln Oil. Finally I usually "sharpen" the edges of the weapons with a highlight of Runefang Steel.

      And yes, there will be a gemstone tutorial, I'm planning it to be my second video one as I'll be including feathering and it is a bear to explain in words!

    2. Seems to work for you. I need to practice silver metallics again.

      Great, I'm looking forward to it!


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