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Tabletop World Blacksmith Forge

As a rampant hobby butterfly, I'm much better at starting new and ambitious things than I am at finishing them. Everything I start is doomed to WIP-shelf relegation as a new sexy project tempts me away. Mounds of basecoated or half-assembled things lean against each other in boxes, exchanging disappointed glances and wondering if their time in the sun will come.

Screw that.

If 2017 is even a patch on 2016, we're going to need escapism and endorphins in equal measure, which means getting stuff done, gods dammit! To that end, as promised at the end of my post on the merchant's house, here is the blacksmith forge from Tabletop World.

It amazes me that this kit is just four components. It's like a diorama that requires almost no assembly. What I will say is that Jeff was wise to mount his on a base - the joins connecting the smithy to its house have patchy contacts. I got over this with an enthusiastic application of thick super glue, but structurally it's not very sound. So why didn't I follow Jeff's wisdom and add a base? Because he's building a rustic village, whereas I want my buildings to work in both towns and countryside. A grassy base would undermine that flexibility. Still, basing it is a damn good idea if that's compatible with your plans.

If you're curious about painting this kind of scenery, Jeff also wrote a solid step-by-step of his work on Tabletop World's windmill, and honestly he did a more conscientious job than I do on my own scenery. That said, if you do have any questions re: painting, I'm happy to answer them.

In case you're concerned that my sole plan for 2017 is to spam things I've painted whilst patting myself on the back for actually finishing something, I assure you that there are other things brewing. Frosty things. Grave things.*


*I am subtle, like happy mallet.


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