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Storm Eagle - Work In Progress: Part 2

Good day to you all,

Not a great deal to say on this one, check back to the first post here for the background. This is just a quick post covering the remaining building stages. Lots of pictures ahoy:

Adding the wing assemblies 

Lots of elastic bands, tape, and matchsticks to hold everything in place while the glue sets.

So much tape...

That doesn't seem to fit

Down, down is always an option. A fragile option, but still an option. Would have been a stronger option if I had painted the insides before sticking it all together.

Doesn't fit that way either. 

So, after some trimming and sanding I finally got it to fit. Oh, and a lot of sprue glued on the inside as a cross brace.

Starting to look like the picture on the box.

There's a little man in there!

Prepping for paint.

More prepping.

Added a few neat brass etch symbols 

All prepped, masked and ready for some paint.


  1. Lovely! Aye, the Storm Eagle is an absolute bugger of a kit to assemble - you've done a great job of it!

  2. Agreed, good job considering the kit! The rear hatch on mine is so tight I don't think you can see a seem where it joins the main hull!!!

  3. You've all made me think twice about adding one to my wish list. But it does look kool.

  4. Thanks guys :) I'm glad with how it's come out. Pictures of the painting are coming soon. Oh Zzzzzz it'll totally be worth the effort. Everyone should have their own Storm Beagle. One day I'll add one to my Dark Angels


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