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The Year of the Cog: Part Seven - Legio Cybernetica

 Today is all about the robots. Big freaking, retro, robots. The kind that gave 1950s America nightmares. That's right, I've finally finished the Kastelans and their Cybernetica Datasmith.

These models are so cool. I really love the 50s retro-vision-of the-future stylings. I know it's not to everyone's taste but I really dig it. These models I found really easy to get to the 'clean' painting stage. Spray with Wraith bone. Pick out the metal bits. Agrax Earthshade recess wash. Add some blue bits. Done.


Then along comes the weathering. There was many many hours sat chipping away at the chipping. I lost track of the number of Discord hobby chats where all I could say was "Chippy Chippy Chip Chip." However, despite the sheer amount of effort it was totally worth it. Once the chipping was done then comes the grime wash with Vallejo's Fuel Stains.

The Kastelans can take any combination of Grabby Hands, Shooty Hands, and Flamey or Shooty shoulder weapons. I couldn't decide if I wanted a flexible loadout, a ranged loadout, or a melee loadout. So I ordered a bunch of magnets and had all three. Yup, each hand and should weapon is magnetised for easy swapping around. When I did this before with the Helbrutes in my Thousand Sons army I made the mistake of inverting the polarity. This time I was so much more careful to keep it the same. Makes life easier. 

Finally we have the Cybernetica Datasmith, or the Robo-Shepherd as I've been calling it. It's been painted in the standard fashion and there isn't too much to say beyond that it's a lovely little model. It's just a shame that it is sooooo monopose that any dupicates will be easily spotted. I think a little bit of conversion and a headswap should lessen that.

 Secret Bonus Content for anyone who read to the end! As a break from all the chipping I made a few objective markers out of spare bits. It was fun throwing random components at a base and seeing what came out of it. As these are supposed to be lost archeotech I've gone pretty heavy with the rust. The process was basically stippling lots of browns and oranges, starting with the darkest, then giving it all a good wash of Nuln Oil. The other texture comes from Nihilakh Oxide which got washed over anything that felt like a copper or brass part. 

That is going to be it for a little while of the Adeptus Mechanicus. I'm up to a solid 1500 points worth and need to work out what the next batch is going to be. In the meantime I've been working on my 6mm Napoloenic project. Updates pending for that one.


  1. Okay, so that is pretty impressive (euphemism of the century).
    You managed an entire 1500 points army at a box-art or near box-art level in 5 months...and you made it look easy.
    My first attempts at painting Death Guard squads at that speed & quality are currently more marooned in the Warp than Mortarion in his way to Terra....even when copiously cheating via LeadBelcher spray cans, tasteful drybrushing & Contrast paints.
    So even more the Kudos to you. Hope those run havoc across the Eridani sector.

    1. Thank you so much. That is a massive compliment right there.

      Never worry about speed. Focus on the quality. The speed will come in time. I've always been quick but it's only now after 20ish years of doing this that I'm getting those results.

  2. Nice looking classic robots, and of course the magnets add some welcome flexibility.

    It is too bad that the robo-shepherd is so monopose, because it really makes it harder to have more in your army.

    1. It is tricky with those monopose situations. Although TBF someone could stick any ol' techpriest next to those lads and I'd be fine with it.

    2. At some point I'm going to start pillaging Techpriests from wherever I can get my little grabby clamps on them


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