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Automated Crusade Roster updated for 10th Edition 40K

Back in September 2020 I made an automated Google Sheet to help track progress in Warhammer 40,000's Crusade mode. Now that 10th edition is here, changes to Crusade have come with it. I've implemented those changes on the roster, and edited the original post accordingly.

The main change, facilitated by 10th's wonderfully trimmed spread of stratagems and detachment rules, is that this new version of the roster can serve as a repository of all your army's rules, from the faction right down to the individual units. Obviously it takes time to do the initial setup, but once that's done, you just have to amend things as and when GW issue updates.

Click here, or the image below, to check out the updated post, and indeed the updated roster. If that's your sort of thing, of course.